Friday, October 21, 2005

2000 foot rule

Here's a Quote from Mark Gado of Court TV. It's long, but important in the debate regarding the 2000 foot rule, but most of all important when it comes to people who are NOT on the registry through deferred prosecution agreements or plea agreements:

Molesters engage in sex with children for a variety of reasons and sometimes these reasons have little to do with sexual desires. This type of offender, called a situational child molester, does not possess a genuine sexual preference for children. Rather, the motivational factors are criminal in nature. In some cases, the offender’s sexual abuse of young people is a natural outgrowth of other forms of abuse in his life. That abuse is a continuation of a process by which he has mistreated his friends, colleagues, spouse and family members. He will have low self-esteem, maintain poor moral standards and view sex with children as an opportunity to prolong the violence that is already an active component of his existence. Other situational offenders see children as a substitute for an adult partner. Although these types of offenders do not harbor a singular sexual desire for children, they may react to a built up sexual impulse or anger, that to them, is irresistible.

However, the victim is incidental. It could have been a store clerk, an elderly person or simply a woman walking down a lonely street. Because of the circumstances at hand, such as the Polly Klass incident, the victim happened to be a child. His main criteria for a victim is availability. The situational child molester will usually have few victims, sometimes only one, and never repeat the event again. He could be a social misfit or a psychopathic personality who harbors a seething resentment and hostility toward society in general.

My mother is constantly reminding me that any young man (say 18) who had sex with a minor (say a girl who lied to him about her age and was only 15), and the parents pressed charges of sex with a minor is now on the list. To be honest, that guy should have been able to tell she was a minor - but beyond that, will now ensure that every girl he has sex with shows him ID to prove his age. But now he's branded a child sexual molester and now has to comply with this new law for the rest of his life.

As much as I don't want a sexual predator in my own backyard- is this really going to fix anything? They aren't supposed to frequent areas where children are likely to congregate -but yet, they still find ways to do it. The guy who was found from Oprah's telecast last week who was living upstairs from a family - depending on their home's location they might or might not have been within 2000 feet of a qualifying location. If they hadn't; there is no legal requirement saying that these previous offenders can't live within an apartment complex or rent rooms from homes that have children in them. Deviants can and will find their victims either by proximity or if that isn't available then they will seek them out.

For these situational offenders - it could be a sister, a clerk at a neighborhood store, anyone to take out that level of frustration or built up anger on. Or they simply become emotionally or physically abusive to their wives. They simply can't control themselves when the need becomes too much and they lash out to anyone in their pressence. Even small, young children they care dearly for. Afterwards, they try to rationalize the action, apologize, blame the victim, or try to 'minimize' their actions as being less than criminal so that they face themselves in the mirror.

Why should these criminals be able to avoid the registry?

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