Monday, October 24, 2005

Health progress - posted for my family - who isn't reading this anyway

LOL! Maybe I can convince them to comment if I guilt them into it?

Anyway - I didn't do too much this weekend until my fight with my teenager anyway.

After two days of doing next to nothing, and sleeping in every day - I came away with two days with 0, yep, ZERO spells. Last night, however, add stress, staying up late first because little one was making too much noise, then elder one was making too much noise, then big fight over elder one making too much noise, then more stress, then crying for two hours - then almost two hours of sleep before I had to get up. And guess what? A spell - only maybe about 15 minutes long and since I was in the van on the way to work, not so bad.... no dizziness that I could tell anyway.

So - let's chalk the latest in my health crisis to stress and exhaustion. Anyone want to adopt a stubborn 17-year old?

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