Friday, October 21, 2005

Lessons learned this week

  • Mr Clean's Magic Eraser is even more magical than I thought - it will remove permanent marker from hard wood floors (mostly anyway) without damaging the finish

  • My two year old will put ANYTHING in his mouth! Ugh! Second call to Poison control this month taught me that my mother's pills for dizziness are nothing more than antihistimines and that all they will do is knock you out if you take them at two. Last call taught me that the stuff that's used to clean dentures isn't a problem as long as it's no longer fizzing!

  • The stuff that's used to clean dentures (ok, at least the cheap generic kind you buy at Walmart) probably doesn't work all that well on dentures. Someone told me it worked miracles on the sippy cup don't spill valves - and either they were lying to me or they just aren't as cheap as I am and went for the brand name. I haven't decided if I'm willing to splurge on more denture cleaner tablets since I own 0 dentures at this time.

  • Generic pull ups work every bit as well as the brand name - but (duh!) you have to buy the blue package for the boy - since when were pull ups color-coded? Who knew? Like my two year old really cares if he's wearing pink or blue!

  • My 17 year old is good at losing car keys, cell phones - oh, wait, I knew that one, just had forgotten how much of a pain it is.

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Bob said...

You've inspired me to do a lessons learned each week.