Thursday, October 20, 2005

Not so negative today

I got at least six hours of sleep last night - so I'm not feeling quite as exhausted. Still tired, but more positive at least.

I managed to completely space out bosses day! Of course, as a contractor, it's kind of a fine line as to who/what to do. But, I've got a great client manager who is really on the ball and making sure that the insanity that surrounds us isn't stepping on our ability to get our job done. So I went looking for a card last night. After two stops and not a single bosses day card to be seen... let alone a couple to pick out a nice one. I decided to make one last night. Not much fun doing cards with a two year old by your side, but I gave him his colors and some paper and he only got into the ink and paper I was using a couple of times. Not too bad, I think.

On the front of the card I have "This place would be a complete zoo..." and a stamp of a monkey with both arms raised over his head... with an arch over his head cut out - and a "spinning" bunch of bananas that will spin as you turn the card from side to side - so it loooks (sort-of) like he's juggling the bunch of bananas. Then in the inside - "if we didn't have a great boss like you" "thanks bunches" "Happy bosses day" with another stamp of a monkey hanging by his tail on the left side. Dorky? Maybe, but I think she'll think it's fun.

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