Monday, October 31, 2005

on a more positive note

I was a good mommy this weekend and we carved our pumpkins so that I can make sure my little toddler has his happy memories from childhood - I hope???

We spread out the papers - which he was a HUGE help with - who said little toddler hands who like to make messes aren't good for something?

Grabbed the first (tiniest) pumpkin first. I have a small, sharp knife and I cut open the top... and off goes my little one to the knife drawer. Yes, it's supposed to be baby-proofed! Yes, I bought the expensive little device intended to keep little ones away from sharp objects. Yes, I installed that device... does it work? No. I took it out, re-installed it, re-read the directions, re-installed it... does it work? Only in reverse. Any child can open it, but it takes an adult to shut it! Go figure.

Anyway here he comes with two semi-lethal looking paring knifes rushing to the pumpkin. Mommy says no sharp knives for baby and takes them away. Puts them up high. Off he runs again, I distract him from the knife drawer with a fruit snack bribe. Works for about two seconds. Finally I cave (after relocating the contents of my knife drawer after several more trips) and I let him have a butter knife. He then attempted to carve the second pumpkin while I finished cleaning out the first baby-sized pumpkin.

My manly little toddler who puts everything grusome in his mouth - wouldn't even touch the orange 'ooky' stuff I was pulling out of the pumpkin. He did however, use the scoop to take the 'ooky' stuff out of the trash bag and all over the papers and carpet and floor and chair. Yee-ha!

Took the mini pumpkin and instead of jack-o-lanterning it - I made my world famous stuffed pumpkin - which the teen and friends declared - tastes like goulash - and refused to try any of the pumpkin with the stuffing. Oh, well... It only gets made once a year... at least the teen tried it.

The other two pumpkins took forever to carve, since toddler isn't up to picking out and telling me what face he wants - and teen was too preoccupied, I got to pick out my own patterns for the pumpkin carving. I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.

I can't WAIT until toddler is a teen and loses interest so I can go back to using my plastic pumpkins and no longer have to carve anything!

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Phil said...

Oh how cute....where I come from Halloween wasn't that big of a deal. I can honestly say I've never carved a pumpkin...actually I don't think I've even bought one. That way, I don't have to have "ooky" stuff around. hail to the plastic ones:) Bet it was cute tho - send some pics! Phil