Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So Tired

Ok - little one finally fell asleep around 11 pm last night - grrr. It wouldn't be so bad if my alarm didn't start going off at 4 am. After eight weeks now of this, it's getting pretty old. I actually had two decent nights of sleep before last night... but it seems like I'll never feel like myself again.

Count down continues it's 8 months until my eldest finishes high school. Once he graduates, we can consider moving!!!!

I've got to make some decisions.

Do I move to Des Moines and pay more for house and daycare and less for gas/transportation so I can sleep in? I know I can make more money in Des Moines than in Cedar Rapids/Dubuque/Iowa City/Davenport...
Do I find work closer to my family?
Do I rent a place so I don't have to worry about long term committment? But renting can get really expensive. But, then again, so can buying!

All I know is that sleep would be a very good thing to get to enjoy again. My little 'episodes' were a little better yesterday, I only remember one episode - about a half hour long and it was milder than any I've had so far. The numbness didn't spread so far, and the pins & needles weren't as intense. I've already had a 45 minute one this morning and it was a pretty strong one. I just wonder if I just need more sleep and this will all be in the past. After all, I didn't start having episodes until after I'd gone about six weeks with little to no sleep. I wonder if lack of sleep can trigger 'migraines' or whatever these little episodes are?


Bob said...

OK, how much ARE you spending on gas?

I'm totally going to have some of my other Iowa blogger firends link to you.

You thought you could hide!

spider said...

Let's see - it was taking me 5 gallons a day to drive to work with the SUV... at the 2.99 level - that was $15 a day multiply that by, what? 23 days a month... and it adds up quickly... $345? Then if you add even a minimum amount for tires, more frequent oil changes, etc.... 'course gas has gone down quite a bit. Then the Saturn did get better gas miliage=but then it also requires more frequent oil changes and being an older car, I need tires sooner if I'm going to be driving this winter. I'm just glad I won't be driving every day anymore.