Tuesday, October 25, 2005

teenager timeout

Well, I got home last night and my eldest was in the basement - like he always is - playing computer games - like he always is. I called down and asked him to bring in the trash cans. Since he always leaves them at the curb when he comes home, he doesn't bring them in until he's asked to do so.

He doesn't speak to me - brings them up to the garage. He then proceeds to load his car with his computer, clothes, etc. Still not speaking to me. Fine, I could use a break from all this stress. He makes two trips to 'wherever' still not speaking to me. At abour 7:45 last night as I was getting the little one ready for our night time routine - I cave and call him just as he happens to pull into the driveway. I ask him if he's returning the car (since it's our only vehicle until he finds the keys to the SUV which is still sitting at the shop and needing repair after the accident). I got a 'yeah' and a key handed to me while he stood on the front step.

Since he still hadn't spoken to me, nor told me the 'where are you going, with who, when will you be back' basic facts that he's supposed to tell me when he leaves, I didn't know what to think. I locked the doors when I went to bed last night. He never called nor knocked at the door to wake me up - so I assume he's staying with friends.

At this point, I would feel best if we had a long conversation before he stayed in my house again. He needs to know that he can't get away with violence against his own mother. He needs to remember his place - he's 17, but he still needs to obey the rules of the house if he wants to stay in the house. And part of that includes being respectful to the person providing the roof over the head, the car he likes to drive, the bed he sleeps in, the clothes he wears, the food he eats.


Bob said...

It's sad to see this happen, but it's good, too. the little one will definately miss the big one, and I am pretty damn sure the big one will miss the little one as well. He won't miss you, you're him mom. At least he won't admit to it..

spider said...

Little A won't miss him by much - he rarely saw him because he was always in the basement in the midst of dirty dishes, empty pop cans and trash... and I wouldn't let little A go downstairs until he cleaned it up. Looks like it'll be me cleaning up after him afterall.