Thursday, October 20, 2005

Well it's about time!

A little step in the direction of holding people accountable for their own actions!


Bob said...

Well, there's a flip side to that. If you have sex with someone and they give you HIV, should they not be locked up if they know they have the disease? You chose to have sex with them after all.

spider said...

The difference is knowing the risk... and intentional actions.

Anyone might have HIV and not know it - so if you get it because you didn't use protection then you deserve it. However, if they know they have HIV and they don't disclose - then it's like they're intentionally trying to inflict the disease.

But given that case - do you think that someone who has HIV, discloses it to you, you chose to have unprotected sex - now, can you sue them for giving you HIV? I don't think so!

Not Bob said...

Actually I'm not sure that people deserve to die for that choice.
And I don't think you can sue for someone giving you HIV without you knowing they had it, but it is a criminal act.

Do you think that all the people having sex with someone I knew could sue him for not telling them about his genital warts???

spider said...

No - I think every sexually active adult should be aware of the risks of sexually transmitted diseases. As everyone should be aware of the risk of eating Super-sized McDonald's every single day isn't healthy and could lead to obesity.

And therefor, you should NOT be able to sue for those issues. The only exception to that is a deadly sexually transmitted disease like HIV where the person knows they have it and continue to spread it and not tell their partners. Those to me should not only be a criminal act, but a sueable one.