Wednesday, November 16, 2005

100 things

I've been tagged. 100 things about me... let's see...

  1. I live for my children.
  2. I grew up on a farm.
  3. My father died when I was three, and my only memories of my earliest childhood are of either being with him in a truck or when I visited him in the hospital before he died.
  4. I saw him in a mirror once when I was 12 and going through teenage angst - it didn't scare me, I only felt 'loved'. I watched him watch me for the longest time before I turned around to only see the chair he was sitting in move, but he had dissappeared.
  5. I heard him whisper in my ear before I went to the ER and then intensive care to get treated for the exact condition that had killed him some 35 years before (only much milder, obviously).
  6. I was a cheerleader in high school.
  7. I was very unpopular in high school.
  8. I was involved with Upward Bound which helped me gain some self-esteem poorly lacking in my life.
  9. I got a job as a waitress my senior year of high school behind my mother's back.
  10. She threatened the owner of the restaurant if he ever yelled or was mean to me (as was his norm).
  11. My first college course was taken during the summer after graduation at Cornell College in Cedar Rapids. I was supposed to take two classes, but somehow got out of doing the second one. I Aced the class.
  12. My first full semester was at UNI where I barely went to class, spent too much time partying, and still passed with a B average by only taking the semester tests.
  13. I quit school after UNI, then went back to Kirkwood for two trimesters - earning an A average.
  14. I finished my undergrad degree with 3 years at Simpson - balancing a B average with a full-time job and supporting by dirt-bag ex-husband.
  15. I spent my senior year at Simpson - working a full-time job(34 hours per week); working 16 hours at an internship at Pioneer Hybrid; carrying a full course load; and pregnant.
  16. I spent the last four months of college homeless thanks to dirt-bag ex-husband.
  17. I broke down in tears in front of the Dean of Business at Simpson when I had to take a make up test the day I found out we were going to be evicted. He gave me $50 out of his own pocket and refused to let me pay him back. Said when I was a millionaire I was to remember Simpson. To this day, I can't thank him enough.
  18. I almost didn't graduate - but the college granted me a three week extension to finish my studies. They gave me a place to stay on campus since I was still homeless.
  19. The class I was most behind in was a 300 series COBOL programming course. I had 11 out of 12 programs to create in the three week extension. My teacher told me at the onset that it would be impossible... which only gave me more reason to prove him wrong. I completed all 11 programs in under three weeks, all compiled and all but one worked perfectly. The one that remained had a small logic error that I didn't get figured out in time. I got an A out of that class.
  20. I graduated when I was nine months pregnant and as big as a house.
  21. I was pregnant at 18 and miscarried within 12 weeks after being seriously ill and unable to keep anything down, and being diagnosed as diabetic before being diagnosed as pregnant.
  22. I'm not diabetic - it was gestational diabetes.
  23. I never got tested for gestational diabetes with my first son - who was born late, 24 inches long and 9 lbs and 9 1/2 oz. At the time I was 21, 5'5" and 120 lbs (pre-pregnancy weight).
  24. I had a natural childbirth with my eldest son over 9 lbs and a c/section with my other son who was only 7 lbs.
  25. My favorite color alternates between blue and purple.
  26. I like to remodel, do diy, and decorate my home even though I'm not very good at it.
  27. I didn't appreciated my good health while I still had it.
  28. I've always wanted to write novels.
  29. I wrote and illustrated a children's story when I was 8. It was never published... it was a bit grim for a children's story - something like survival of the fittest.
  30. I've had a poem and an essay published.
  31. I worked with severely and profoundly handicapped children for five years between junior and senior high school.
  32. I learned and then taught American Sign Language - but remember little now.
  33. I played the piano (poorly), flute (barely), and picolo - but am practically tone death - which anyone listening to me sing, can tell in an instant.
  34. My eldest son was 1 when he asked me to NOT sing to him anymore.
  35. My youngest son just shushes me when I make up songs to sing to him, but hasn't told me to stop yet at 2 1/2.
  36. I took French in college because it was a 'romantic' language... took the professor over two weeks before I pronounced Misseur once to his satisfaction - and he passed me with a C (I assume it was only to make sure he would never, ever see me again).
  37. I have a patent application out there somewhere - no idea what ever happened with it, and doubt the company I was working for at the time will bother to let me know if it ever gets approved.
  38. My first 'real' job after college was working as a temp for a secretary; when the rumors started that they might offer me the position full-time I hinted that I was looking for more challenging work... because it was boring work for me. So I found another job for a whopping $3.25 an hour - and had missed out on the boring, but $10 an hour job... taught me to ALWAYS get the details before making ANY decisions.
  39. My bosses at my next job kept having to give me raises because we were going through a process of raising the minimum wage and they were having trouble keeping me above the minimum wage.
  40. I left that job to do boring data entry at $2 per hour more - and loved it. Boring is ok if it pays the bills.
  41. Doing data entry, however, gave me chronic tendonitis... which I still have now 14 years later.
  42. I taught at a community college for 8 years and thought that it was the most fun I've ever had. Would do it again in a heartbeat if I could pay my bills while doing it.
  43. I'm 90% an indoor person - but I do love to garden - but being ill and not feeling any energy has made it impossible to keep up with my gardens - so they look terrible.
  44. I love to stamp - but again, there's just not enough time and money to do my hobbies.
  45. I enjoy baking - but only give myself the opportunity to do so if the house is cleaned up or it's close to the holidays.
  46. While I'm not a neat freak - I'm not a slob either... I like things kept in their place and the house looking nice - until I get sick - then it all goes to hell in a hand basket, until I'm well again and can clean up again. So, it's really grating to not be well enough to keep my house clean enough for company for almost a year now.
  47. I'm way too lenient with my kids... my mom always gives me grief because I'm too strict, but it only looks like I'm strict. I pick my battles and am only strict about things that I see as critical (i.e., staying alive, keeping healthy, getting an eductaion, and a few politeness things).
  48. I have a major-bad temper, but it takes a LOT to fire it off... but then, watch out!
  49. I don't tend to forgive easily - it's something I have to really work at.
  50. I threw a pitcher of beer at a jerk once - would have gotten myself kicked out of a bar for the first time over it if it hadn't been for the fact that the jerk was trying to keep me from leaving the bar (which was my goal before I lost my temper). And technically, I still hadn't lost my temper at the time - but it was getting there.
  51. My first husband cared too much - he was abusive, controlling and willing to do anything to keep me from leaving except the one thing he needed to do - which was stop the abuse.
  52. My divorce from dirt-bag first husband left me alone with a newborn, over $45,000 in debt which he didn't pay a dime of, and the clothes on my back. It took me ten years to pay off my debt, but I did it. He's paid less than $500 in back child support and currently owes me over $50,000. I'll never see another dime.
  53. My second husband didn't care - he didn't care about me or my son, he didn't care about the house, the car, his first comment when I told him I was moving out was that "he'd have to replace the tires on the truck so he could help me move" and then "I thought you would have moved out before now"... hmm? gee, sorry to see me go?
  54. The first guy I dated after my second marriage swore up and down that he was afraid of commitment (though he might have only done so to get me into the sack - as it was a requirement of mine). Then asked me to marry him after dating for a few months - only one month after my divorce was final.... umm can you say "are you nuts?"
  55. The next guy I dated broke up with me because he thought I wanted marriage - even though I didn't. But it was a long distance relationship which never works out anyway.
  56. The next guy I dated refused to marry me when I got pregnant - which is good, because I would have refused to marry him too if given a chance too - lol! But at least he's on time with child support payments, even if he doesn't spend enough time visiting his son.
  57. I haven't had a single date in three years and don't miss it too much anyway.
  58. If I ran into the guy from #54 again and he asked me to marry him, I would consider it. Probably wouldn't, but I would at least consider it. Which is more than I did last time. And nuts since I haven't heard from him in years.
  59. Guy from #54and #58 was the best sex I ever had... and then some.
  60. I never had a weight problem until I hit my 30's... I could eat anything and still stay skinny... but I had no figure to speak of.
  61. I gained 10 lbs when I turned 30 - and my husband (ex number 2) started to care about something. He decided to deny me sex because I was FAT... at 130 lbs and 5'5", now, I know I wasn't skinny, but I wasn't FAT either... I finally had a figure.
  62. I didn't try to lose the weight until after our divorce - when I dropped it all off just for spite.
  63. I went on depo for birth control while dating, and gained my 10 pounds plus another 25 for good measure in less than 6 months.
  64. I stayed on depo and tried to lose weight - ha! Starved myself for six months and couldn't budge even 5 pounds off.
  65. After I quit depo, I lost 25 lbs in only six months.... which I figured was pretty fantastic... and I'm ok with being a little overweight at 130-135 lbs if it means I can maintain it without having to diet all the time.
  66. I never lost my little tummy after my first son was born until I started taking Pilates when he was 14 years old.
  67. I got pregnant with baby number 2 within two months of losing my little tummy.
  68. I haven't lost my tummy from baby number 2 - think it'll take another 14 years?
  69. I wish I could get selected for What Not to Wear - not that I think I dress so badly - but because my wardrobe desparately needs help and it's not a priority.
  70. I never had a credit card balance for more than two months until three years ago.
  71. Now, I've got six credit cards maxed out... and I hate it.
  72. But, I've got all my medical bills paid for (that I've received anyway).
  73. And I've got a plan to get my credit cards paid off - though I think I'm being a bit optimistic in that respect.
  74. I haven't saved enough money for my first child to go to college. Almost all of his father's child support (what there is of it) has been matched by me and put in a college fund though.
  75. I love flashy jewelry, although I rarely take the time to wear it.
  76. I'm alergic to nickel which is in the solder of most earings - so even though I have pierced ears, they're eternally infected even when I go years without wearing earings. I inherited this from a paternal grandmother who said that was why she never pierced her ears.
  77. I also have a problem with magnetic energy - I can't wear a watch... if it's digital the display will blank out, if it's analog, the gears will become magnetized and stop working forever. I inherited this from my maternal grandmother who also could never wear a watch. Though, out of her 11 children, and 40-50 grand-children (is this number right?) as far as I know, I'm the only one who has this issue.
  78. I love Holiday traditions - and want to make sure that I keep and make new ones with my family that will carry on and help my children enjoy the holidays.
  79. I make Christmas ornaments every year for my nieces and nephews and 'adopted' nephews.
  80. My first Christmas with my son, I could only afford to buy a few clothes for him... and was given several gifts from anonymous donors so that we could have toys, clothes for me and a dinner as well.
  81. I've never forgotten that generousity and as tough as times may get I always 'adopt' a child or two at Christmas to return the favor tenfold each of the 16 years since that first Christmas.
  82. I like to listen to Christmas Carols - but only after Thanksgiving - what's with playing them starting before Halloween is even over?
  83. I miss having a dog, but know that I don't have enough time for one right now. Someday I want to work from home and have a couple of lap dogs and a couple of lap cats as well.
  84. I believe that cats have the ability to sense illness and sickness and try to help ease the pain of those they love.
  85. I believe that my current house is haunted by a young boy. He seems to have a fasination with keeping the bathroom door shut and my bedroom light off. I've seen him twice now, my teenager saw him once, and I think that he might be the reason my two year old refuses to sleep in his own bed now.
  86. I'm a sucker for sappy stories - I can't watch Extreme Makeover Home edition without crying.
  87. I love to travel - I've been internationally to Canada, Bahamas, England and France.
  88. I want to see Holland and Venice before I die - or before they drown.
  89. I also want to see the geysers in Yellowstone and the Grand Canyon.
  90. I find great peace within myself when I am near a body of water and dream of owning a home overlooking a river some day.
  91. I greatly miss my last house that had a sun room with a hot tub in it - which was like having a mini vacation every day of my life.
  92. I loved being in a hot tub during a snow storm, a lightning storm, even on a sunny winter day when it felt like summer in my sun room.
  93. I'm addicted to TIVO.... being able to watch what I want when I want has revolutionized my relaxation time and I'm not sure I can go back to scheduled television.
  94. I'm definitely a realist - I don't believe in miracles nor prince charmings... after all, how charming will the guy be if he's rich, handsome, and available - pretty sure that means either he's gay or he's a butt head... either way, that's not too terribly charming.
  95. I am definitely too picky about men anymore. I thought I was before I had my second son, but without dating for three years I can honestly say that I haven't met a single man since that has tripped the interest level high enough to even consider dating again.
  96. I have not always been so picky. I officially do not keep a count of the number of men I have *ahem* dated. Safest that way.
  97. I can, however, count on one hand the number of lesbians that have hit on me.
  98. I can count on one hand the number of times that my dirt-bag ex-husband got me drunk in an attempt to get me to do a three some with the first lesbian that hit on me and was a prostitute. Not sure if she charged that night or if it was supposed to be a three some. BTW I slept through the whole thing.
  99. I can count on one hand the number of people that I know that have been paid for sex (who admits that ???)
  100. I HATE playing strip poker - the men always ALWAYS cheat!

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