Monday, November 07, 2005

Another step forward in potty training? Or more likely, a step backward?

Little A and I sat down to read stories yesterday afternoon before nap time. While he loves to flip through the pages on his own, lately he hasn't had patience to let me read to him... so this was truly a delight for me. He wanted to read "Potty Time" three times. And we discussed the purpose of potty chairs to quite an extent. So, apparently, what he got from this conversation was that diapers are 'ack-ey'. Therefore, he shouldn't wear them? Which meant that he proceeded to take his diaper off repeatedly during the course of the day. Did that mean he was using the potty chair - um no... it meant that if I didn't catch his bare bottom fast enough, I'd have a mess to clean up. So, it was with a heavy sigh I realized that re-affirming the idea that diapers are 'ack-ey' wasn't exactly the right move for the day. Live and learn, I'm off to buy more Luvs and a roll of duck tape to make sure they stay on!

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Bob said...

Someone told me that if you put them on backwards, they are harder to get off.