Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Finally catching a small break!

We now have keys to the Rav 4!

I made the trip to the dealership and they were able to provide me with a $2 replacement key that only opens the door. When I went to the Rav 4 last night, it took me a while, but I finally found the keys inside the car, with the tag from the repair shop. I.e., Adam didn't lose the keys... He just locked the car when the repair shop had the keys in it. But, at least we have a complete, good set of keys with remote and all. Which means if we do go get a replacement key and remote it will only cost me about $250 instead of the $1100 to $1500 they were estimating.

But, now that Adam realizes that it will still cost a fortune for a new set of keys, he's decided it's important that we find the missing keys. Ummm... ok, like it wasn't important to find the keys two weeks ago when I asked for his help? Whatever, he's willing to help now. :-)

I'm still planning on posting some Halloween pictures - I finally got Adam to give up the USB cable for my camera - I started to upload the pictures, but got sidelined by a two year old trying to eat 5 suckers simultaneously - kinda cute, I gotta admit. Not that he got his sweet tooth from me or anything, as I sit here polishing off half a bag of caramel cremes..... So much for breakfast!

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