Monday, November 14, 2005

Fun in St Louis

Little A and I took a long, leisurely drive to St Louis to visit our pals Phil and Trevor this weekend. Wasn't sure I'd be up to the trip, but we took our time, spent a little time at a McDonald's playland and it worked out great.

Of course, my friends probably felt a bit over-ran by a two year old fresh from a six hour drive, but other than having to move a dozen posessions up to the mantel, they hid any stress well. Little A had a blast playing rough with Trevor.

Although, hiding the broom might have been a good idea - we just didn't think of it fast enough!

They even suggested the trip to the zoo which was a big hit for Little A. Buzz & Woody got to go as well!

And Little A even got to chase a peacock or two around for a little while.

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Phil said...

We had a fabulous time = you guys are welcome any time!!! It was a refreshing change - and we all got to visit the Zoo.