Thursday, November 03, 2005

A lawsuit over 15 minutes on the toilet

<A href="">Man Sues Home Depot After Using Glue-Covered Toilet</A>
OK - after I cleaned up the mess caused by my spitting out my soda after reading the headline and laughing - now, I'm going back on my soap box.

I'm not saying the prank wasn't awful, and that it was a terrible shame. I'm not saying that the clerk shouldn't have reacted sooner, instead of thinking it was a hoax... but, omg! If you are the victim of the prank and it take a whole (15 minutes!) for someone to believe and call for help, hmmmm... isn't that a fairly reasonable response time given the circumstances? Maybe I'm reading the article incorrectly, but it seems like the guy is upset because they didn't help sooner, therefore, they need to be sued. Now, I'll give you, if I thought I was having a heart attack - and someone took 15 minutes and I died - there - we've got reason for a lawsuit - but there didn't seem to be anything wrong other than a sore bottom... which brings to mind, I sure in h*ll hope he was in the restroom and not in the public display area! That brings up a whole different type of scenario to mind.

OK - if they had 'let him rot' for a couple of hours, I could see suing them - but 15 minutes - omg! This is a completely inappropriate lawsuit that will take, I GUARANTEE more than 15 minutes out of the guys life! But, greedy little lawyers are willing to take his money, waste his time, and probably, convince Home Depot to settle out of court which just results in higher prices for all - oh goody!


Phil said...

OK, so given it's Louisville, CO and that happens to be where my son lives......I can't decide if he did the prank or he was the receiver and changed his name to protect his identify!!!!!!!!!!

Bob said...

Home Depot is Republican anyway. Lowe's is Democrat.

spider said...

See, I wouldn't know that - I'm still sticking it in with Menards -they can't be liberals, they spend too much time greasing palms to try to keep Lowe's and Home Depot out - must be Republican?