Friday, November 04, 2005

Lessons learned this week

  • I learned that my Manager's boss is VERY competitive, and from now on, I am NOT to show her how to solve analytical problems - and I need to pretend not to know how to do it until AFTER she figures it out.
  • I learned that Alex is going to be very conservative with toilet paper usage - should save me a bundle once Adam's out of the house - hint, hint!
  • I learned that the reason no one ever gets my jokes is that I'm too sarcastic and analytical. But that it doesn't make me any less funny.... Just everyone else is too dumb to get it (personality/psychology class today).
  • I learned that if you get a group of geeks together, you're going to become very outgoing within our group (more personality training theory) and noisy and obnoxious.
  • I learned that I CAN "accept the geek within me" - LOL!
  • I learned that even if I only spend 15 minutes an evening on a new style of 'hurry up housekeeping' that it de-stresses me immediately, even if the house is still a bit of a mess... and I don't wear myself out, and I can see an improvement, and heck, even if I'm feeling lousy, I can spend 15 minutes a day on cleaning to feel better about it.
  • I learned to never joke about Meth labs while getting cold medicine - this is hilarious!

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