Thursday, November 10, 2005

Lessons Learned this Week

Posted early since I'm out of town tomorrow.

  • I LOVE being a contractor. I love the fact that when things are slow, I can pick up and take extra time off. I love the fact that even though the project is in uproar, the worst that can happen is they pay me to do next to nothing, let me take time off without penalty, or they let me leave and I get a week or two of pay sitting at home and going on interviews for my next job. I am not emotionally invested in the project and they can do whatever they want. If I decide I don't like it eventually I can always call my recruiter up and say - find me something new. That's cool.
  • I learned that I need to make a better mental note to ensure that friends that haven't had dinner and don't normally drink don't get eight glasses of wine. Cut them off before they seem drunk.
  • I learned that Clorox wipes clean vomit out of a spa tub well enough that the owner of said tub and vomit don't remember the experience. I still love you, but have to enjoy the comedy that came with the experience!
  • I learned that I too love cashmere! Too bad I can't afford more of it.
  • I learned that the person who recommended the local Tire's Plus service station to me for 'all types of repairs' was cruel and inhumane. Who waits four weeks for parts, then when you stop in demanding to know what's taking so f*cking long - they finally call the parts supplier only to find out the order was lost????
  • I learned that I've never seen a purple cow ( and say with me now - but I'd rather see than be one ), but now I've seen a green dog...

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Bob said...

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I think I owe you dinner.

But I think you owe me cashmere.

Have a fun weekend!!