Friday, November 18, 2005

Lessons Learned this Week

  • I'm too old for three day out of town weekends without recovery time.
  • Tires Plus really, really sucks with customer service.
  • Progressive Insurance has MORE than impressed me with their fantastic customer service. Here, I was so scared to switch to them from a personal insurance agent this whole time and I cannot be more than pleased with their involvement in getting the Rav4 up and running again.
  • Even insurance agents get fed up with service stations that screw up like Tires Plus.
  • Teenagers shouldn't be allowed to drive until their 30 - seriously.
  • Little A can now say 'naw' as well as 'no' - naw is in answer to a question as in "no, I don't want it" or "no, there isn't a kitty over here" and no means "Don't do that - that's bad" and is usually said as "no, no, no mamaaaaa". Does this sound vaguely like "no, no, no -imagine his name drawn out here - also two syllables and with emphases on the last syllable". LOL - sounding just like his mama these days.
  • I don't sleep as well without Unior!
  • I have serious trust issues with my teenager. Used to be I believed most of the things he told me - nowadays - not much is believable.
  • I've spent $3500 in the past two months between down payments, car payments, insurance, new brakes, and deductible coverage for my Rav4 and am driving a rental - how's that for handling my money well? See earlier tip about raising driving age to 30. No flipping wonder I'm trying to figure out how to buy groceries this month.

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