Tuesday, November 29, 2005

A long week in my life

Well, it's been over a week since I've written in my blog. Tuesday I woke up after a late night and felt like I was wearing an iron cast suit. I could barely move and awoke with a migraine. So I called in sick and spent most of the day in bed. Wednesday I woke up and ached from head to toe - so figured another day off would help me 'recover' a little bit before heading to my mom's for Thanksgiving.

The drive was long and painful - but, I started taking my darvocet again for the pain, and was able to lay down for a while to ease some of the aches and pains. Thursday passed in a blur, as did Friday. Saturday big A and I went to the movies while little A left with his father to finally meet his grandparents and aunts and uncles ('bout time!).They had a forty-five minute drive each way - and made it back to my mom's before big A and I did after the movie. Which means they probably only spent an hour to an hour and a half at his parent's house. Hmmm.... Nothing like committing time to getting to know the family! I shouldn't get too upset about it, it leaves us more time for him to spend at my parents house. But it does highlight the difference in how we see little A as being part of our lives. I don't know what I really expected when you think about it though - I think he's managed to spend less than 24 hours total with his father since birth and he's 2 1/2 now. So why should he all of a sudden want to spend an entire afternoon together?

We drove home on Sunday and stopped at the outlet mall because I desperately need a new winter coat. I didn't find anything I could stand (although for my budget's sake that required that I NOT go into Wilson's). But managed to get a jacket for big A and some sleepers for little A.

About a half hour after we collapsed at home big A comes walking through the door and a streak of grey shoots for my bedroom. It's Unior!!! My favorite cat in the entire world returning to us! He's very skinny and looks like he hasn't eaten since he'd left, but he's back! He didn't leave my side for about 30 hours after he got home and spent most of the night curled up asleep on my back when I was sleeping on my stomach.

About half an hour after he came home little A tosses up his dinner all down my front, his front, his legs, his back. Into the tub he went - but he screamed the entire time... so he ended up spending most of the evening in my lap until I got him down to bed. Which means btw that he and Unior were fighting over lap space the entire night. Or he was hugging 'kitty' until kitty decided he needed air to breath again and ran off for a minute until he figured out that there might be room on my lap after all. So, I stayed home with little A on Monday... had thought about trying to push off the upset tummy due to the drive - but he woke up with a fever, so no daycare for him. By noon he was his regular self - until about 7pm... when he cried for about 20 minutes straight no matter what I'd say or do and was only happy when he was crying his eyes out on the steps to the basement... who knows what was going on in his head? Anyway - the Incredibles to the rescue. Two hours of mind numbingly boring television to watch a movie I've seen dozens of times to keep him from crying any more.

It's Tuesday and I'm back to work - the project manager for my new project doesn't seem to be in a hurry to put the two data requirements analysts to work - he thinks that we can do the new projects without much modification to the project documentation - even though we're merging data from multiple sources into a single display that's never been done before. That's ok though, my manager is great at setting them straight and it means we might actually have something to do by December. Which is a goal I have. Funny to have a goal to go to work to do something other than surf or blog? Must be that awful Iowa work ethic sneaking up on me.


britchik96 said...

So, did you see a doctor? I hope that you did.....it sounds terrible!

britchik96 said...

Me again....forgot to ask. Did your friend get her son back?

spider said...

Yes - I updated the post on the website. fyi - I think the ex-husband posted the response... lol!