Thursday, November 10, 2005

Murphy's Law

Murphy's Law
The first myth of management is that it exists.

OK - so the other day I was told my project was officially cancelled. Document everything on the network drive, if you have any information you can add to the database do so... but it's kaput.

Then we were told the meeting where we were told that - it wasn't supposed to happen.

Then we were told that the project might not be cancelled, it might just be going in a different direction.

Then we were told that no one knew what was going on and what we did know needed to stay on a need to know basis - that it wouldn't be fair to pass on what we do know since we know so little. How do you like that for managerial logic - LOL?

So, I know nothing, I see nothing, I hear nothing.... And I'm doing nothing.

I sit at my desk and blog and surf since I'm not allowed to talk to anyone to gather any information other than the people I have already talked to. I can't document anything until they respond - even though they too know that the project is on hold/cancelled/or something so they aren't planning to respond. And I've already typed everything I've gotten so far. And I'm not allowed to go to anyone else to ask them for any information. And we have no new 'direction' for anything to do that we are allowed to do. And we are not released from the project (that will not die) so we can work on the other projects waiting for people to work on them, because we have no 'direction' and until we have direction, they want to hang on just in case they might be able to tell us that there is something they want us to do.

Who pays what they're paying my consulting firm for time sitting surfing and blogging? They shot down my request if I could bring a novel to work - so they're stuck with me on the internet instead.

So - after my free lunch this afternoon ('cause who skips a free meal??), I might just call it a day and head on home, finish packing and get out of Dodge for a weekend of escape from my life!

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