Monday, November 07, 2005

on selling books (or not selling books, and wasting time, more likely)

Out of the blue, I got a call from a Discovery Toys consultant looking for an Usbourne Book Consultant who had found my name and email address online. I have been NOT selling Usbourne Books since this spring. I love the books, and am mostly involved so that I can get discounted books for my son.

But, she had wanted to know if I wanted to participate in a semi-annual event where different consultants get together twice a year, rent a building and hold an open house type of event. It only cost $15 per table, and would be a great opportunity. So I did it - didn't get any interest hardly at all, and with a $15 donation for the free drawing, another free drawing for $10 in books and the $15 rental - I thought, gee, maybe I'm just not cut out for this?

I have another show coming up the weekend after next - it costs $30 - and I'm only going to provide a $5 prize for a drawing, and part of me is thinking - hmmm, maybe I should cut my losses and run???

But, lo and behold - I get an email the other day. There's a woman who wanted to host a Discover Toys and Usbourne books combined show - and the lady from the first show gave her my name... oh, my! My first show where I didn't have to twist a friends arm to hold it! Who knows if it will actually turn out ok, but it's worth a shot, right???

I've got to get my act together though - I've got things to prepare, and my house is a disaster, and I had hopes to go out of town this weekend. But, I've got some excitement to look forward to at least!

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