Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Where do I even start?

  • My Unior is missing (like Junior, only missing the J)... he's seven years old, an indoor only cat who spends every minute he can in my lap or sleeping at my feet. He's been gone since Saturday - teenager who was home alone this weekend thinks he might have left the door open for 'a few hours'. GRRRRR Junior has been de-clawed and has never, ever been around mean tomcat's and won't survive this cold weather outside! He doesn't stay outside if he can help it... he might peek outside if no one is around and the door is open, but then he's right back inside his nice, safe, warm home.
  • I won't know the test results for the Protein C Deficiency for a few days - when I asked the nurse about it when they set this appointment up, I had asked if I should go in a few days early to have the blood work done... nope, they'd draw it before the appointment. Of course, she was wrong... it takes a couple of days to get the results. So I saw the doctor long enough for him to tell me, call me for the results. Though I did get to ask him about the hyperhomocystenemia... he's going to do a re-check on it as well to see if I should stay on the supplements or go to B12 shots. So, I'm glad I got a chance to ask him about it anyway I guess. I'll have to remember never to ask that nurse anything ever again - she was wrong about the blood test - and she told me to go to Methodist Hospital, Stoddard Cancer center for my appointment (and my doctor does have offices there) - only my doctor wasn't there - he was at Mercy Hospital which is where my appointment was. Thankfully, I was running ahead of schedule and had time to go to Mercy and get lost in its maze and still make it to my appointment on time.
  • Thank God the Rav4 is due to be out of the shop today (been waiting for parts to fix it since the accident several weeks ago)... because lo and behold - the teenager blew out a rod on the Saturn last night. Since my sitter for the little one is about two miles away - I made the teen get friends to give them both a ride to the sitters before school starts. I walked the mile to the local HyVee to catch the MTA van to work this morning... since we have NO working cars this morning.
  • That means that the $700 I'm spending on car repairs this month alone isn't over yet! Only, it is for now, as I'm not paying to fix that car just yet. Truth be told, since teenager hasn't made a single car payment yet, I've spent $200 already on new brakes for it, and now it'll cost me an arm and a leg - hoping the block isn't damaged - though, with my luck, it's shot too.... I'm thinking I might just send it back to the dealership where we bought it two months ago. I know it'd be a smirch on my credit record - but that's in the ditch anyway with all my hospital bills and so on... why not let them take the car back? Only worse thing I can do to my credit would be to declare bankruptcy and I have to say, that if things continue the way they are... we're heading there anyway.
  • So, up for auction - 1 slightly used, slightly spoiled teenager - close to graduation - I'll start the bidding at $500 that I'll pay you if you take him off my hands!

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