Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Winter - after a weekend without even a jacket!

Well, today I slept in a little bit - should have gotten up extra early to deal with slippery icy roads and ride the van to work. But, I felt lousy and knowing that I still don't have anything to do at work until 10:00 and just couldn't motivate myself up and out of bed. I counted 13 cars/semi's in the ditch on the way in. I started off at 70 miles per hour (in the 70 mph speed limit) which is at least 10 miles slower than I normally drive that interstate. Saw the first car in the ditch - slowed to 65. Then I hit a bit of a slick spot, drove 35-40 through the rest of the cars in the ditch. Then by the time the roadway was no longer icy, I was close enough to town to have to drive 40 anyway because of traffic. But, I still managed to get to work in under an hour, which I figure is a good idea considering that the roads really weren't very good.

I do have a rental car to drive - Wahoo! No longer feeling destitute and not having to walk in 20 degree temperatures is a very good thing. Plus, I would have been stranded by oversleeping without it.

I still haven't found my Unior - I can only hope some kind neighbor has taken him in and is sheltering him from this winter storm. I'd rather see him with someone else than freezing to death. It's probably the same neighbor who tried to steal Jasmine - the cat that is now residing with my niece to keep her out of the neighbor's clutches.

Tucker - the ornery cat my sister SWORE was house-trained, is trying to become my lap kitty, but he isn't the same. Plus I'm still ticked off at him for peeing on my leather coat (twice, in front of me!). Albeit, it was an ugly leather coat and it only cost me $.50 so it's not like I'm out the money. Doesn't mean I'm any less pissed off at him. But a good excuse to go winter coat shopping!

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