Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Back to work today

Well, I'm back at work today. I didn't get in until 8:30 am because every time I turned around I had to sit down for a little while so the dizzy spell would pass. I've only had to put my head between my knees a couple of times since I got in this morning. As I told my boss, I know that she's ok with me missing so much work, but my bank balance is complaining more. I don't think I can go an hour without my head starting to spin - ugh these dizzy spells are rough. And reading a computer monitor? Ugh - that just seems to make things worse. I was really worried about driving in, but luckily I didn't have any dizzy spells this morning on the drive in. I did have a couple of bouts with blurred vision or double-vision - but I just closed my right eye and it seemed to help. 

My ultrasound is tomorrow, so I'm hoping they can make up their mind how they want to treat this and start the treatment ASAP, I'm not sure how much longer I can handle this. It's so depressing - I can't even make Christmas cookies or finish decorating my Christmas tree or anything. I've got most of my shopping done - thanks to eBay (Paypal Credit) and my Target credit card, but I need groceries and don't have the money to get them right now. I'm looking into refinancing my Rav4 they can pay off a couple of credit cards and lower some payments for me… probably a mistake in the long run, but I need to figure out how to lower payments now, not six months from now… and this is one way to do it.

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