Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Busy Night

Well, I am fighting my 'avoid risk' instincts and taking a good friends advice. I have bought two expensive toy items that were the last two of their kind available in the midwest - that aren't available anywhere on-line other than ebay and am going to post them on eBay to try to make a profit. They are originally priced at $250 in the store and I've seen one spot on-line where they will have them in stock again in February at a price of $340. I bought them on sale at $200 and with a coupon for an additional $50 off of each. It took a three-hour round trip drive to pick them up. I figure the cost of gas and dinner that night are a business expense... :-) fortunately. Currently they're selling at around $250 each on eBay, and there are several listed, so I'm going to wait a bit before listing them to see if there will be less competition next week. Hopefully everyone else isn't waiting. Even if they are; even if I can't sell them for a profit, I should be able to return them to the store for a refund if they don't sell. Sooooo... it's not THAT much of a risk. But, it still goes against my norm of taking the safe road. I.e., buying books for a nickel or a dime and selling them for a couple of bucks. While that was fun and all, it's hardly worth my time for a couple of bucks here and there. I wasn't losing money, but it really wasn't worth the time I spent on it. BUT, I need to make sure that any of my adventures now STOP affecting my work life. I left work early yesterday to make the trip. Got home at a reasonable time, but Little A woke up after the drive home and got his second wind. I fell asleep on him at around midnight. Not sure when, but Big A dropped him off in my bed sometime after that mumbling something about poison control. Not sure what he was going on about, but apparently Little A had gotten a cleaner and was spraying it around and cleaning (well, actually probably spraying the cat or shooting imaginary bad guys with the 'gun' on top).

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