Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Christmas has come and gone

We spent a lovely weekend at my mom's. Saturday was pretty quiet, spent getting ready for Christmas day… I made ornaments again this year as has been my tradition. Only I didn't get them made until about 10:00 pm on Christmas Eve… oh, well, I got them done. And I enjoyed making them, which is what it's all about.

Christmas day was a ton of fun with a house full of family and good cheer. Even bah humbug step-dad and oldest brother were on their best behavior. Instead of being mean and ornery they hid out in the other room so at least they didn't bring anyone else down. 

I got everything I asked for, plus more…. A pizza oven which makes frozen pizza yummy (a boost to my budget, with less delivery pizza), suitcases (ornery new kitten thought the last one needed more 'scent'), a nice guardian angel bracelet, a new body pillow, and best of all a Cashmere sweater. Little A got toys, books, more toys, videos, and more toys… Big A got a 250 GB hard drive for his pc, an fm transmitter that he has to take back (grandma got the ipod version instead of the mp3 version), a DVD that's been on the wish list since last spring and a leather coat.

Little A and his cousin Benjamin got along fabulously, which I think is amazing considering their both a little over 2 years old. Only one fight I know of and they were both under the dining room table when we heard Benjamin crying - little A must have done something, but it was a little vague. Little A spent almost six hours with his Dad on boxing day - which is like a record. Managed to come home with a soccer ball, a big wheel, and I'm not sure what all else.

Then we took the boys to see my brother's TEN five week old chocolate lab puppies. Very cute… very tired when we got there though, they just wanted to sleep in a doggy pile. But it was funny to watch them anyway, with a close eye on the boys to make sure they were picking them up by the bellies and not by the neck. They got a real kick out of all those puppies. Benjamin would find one he would want to play with for a while… while little A kept picking one up to bring it to someone and then go get another one. Not sure what his goal was, but by the time he'd bring me another one, I'd put down the first one and it would run back to the corner to start all over again. Pretty cute. I fell for the female runt of the litter - a sweet little puppy. And every time mama dog came by, the puppies would all wake up and follow her everywhere she went. If she stopped moving for a second they'd all try to latch on for some mama milk… so she'd pace around the room trying to keep them off and the 'herd' of puppies would just follow her back and forth and around the room. When it was time to go, they were going out to the garage for some sleep, half of them followed mama and the other half started darting for other outdoor places to explore, so we all followed and several of us ended up with two puppies each trying to get them all to the same place at the same time. Too cute. Once we were in the garage, little A decided the puppies were fun and all, but the four wheeler in the corner was WAY more fun.

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