Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Going to be a busy week

Just catching up on a million chores and trying to get my last minute odds and ends shopping done for the holidays.

I refinanced my SUV and paid off a couple of credit cards to get my payments and interest rates down - have a couple more left to consolidate into one so that I have fewer payments and less interest payments due. Already starting to notice that it's helping on the stress end of things.

They're still pussyfooting around at work - per the project manager (who I still haven't met after 3 weeks on the project) he can't get us resources to identify the business requirements because 'his hands are tied' - but he expects the first draft of the data mapping to be completed by Jan 6th. All this with 90% of the office out of the office from Thursday before the holidays to after New Years… which gives us about five days - all without anyone to discuss requirements with let alone to map that against the database systems. LOL - so I'm waiting to see how things go today and tomorrow - I'm supposed to go to a meeting on Thursday to discuss project progress and discuss how he's tying our hands when he doesn't provide resources…. What can I do? 'My hands are tied'.

It's driving my manager up the wall because this guy doesn't have a clue what's required in managing a project and is having trouble with documenting scope, project plans, etc…. And she could manage this guy off the planet with one hand tied behind her back… oh well - what do I care? Their paying me to do the best I can with what I'm given. Albeit it isn't much. Oh, well, it helped me finish most of my Christmas shopping.

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