Thursday, December 22, 2005

Got a lot done last night

Just a few things left on my list:

  • Make more Oreo balls - took them to work, have given out the recipe twice already… and got two high fives from a couple of managers. Guess they were a hit.
  • Make ornaments - I cheated with the babysitter's presents and sent along a couple of the ornaments I made last year.
  • Wrap a ton of presents - I don't know how we'll get them all into the SUV to go to grandma's - thank god for on-line shopping!
  • Pick up the meat for the Chili I'm making on Sunday at my mom's

Short list for the 22nd of December! Too bad about the ornaments… I usually have them almost finished by Thanksgiving… but this year I just wasn't in any condition to work on them.

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