Thursday, December 22, 2005

Health progress

Things seem to be getting a bit worse - but I'm going to go to work every day anyway… even if it kills me. At this point, we've got things to work on even if 90% of my time is still spent not doing too much. But there are things I can do every day AND I need to keep my financial status in mind. Until I win the Power ball Jackpot, I'm going to need to go to work.

The 'migraine' spells seem to be getting worse right now, as is the chest pain. It's becoming more prominent and more frequent. I can't take the stairs anymore without having to sit down and learn how to breath all over again. I feel like a broken record… but no one seems to know what to do about it. Per my chiropractor (who I'm not seeing anymore due to location and timing for my work hours)… something's wrong with my lungs that keeps throwing me out of wack… and it's the throwing me out of whack that's causing some of my extremities pain. Every time I talk about the shoulder pain he wanted me to go back to ER - but I know that's futile.

Maybe in the New Year I'll talk to the Dr about how much longer we're looking at for Mayo - and if not there, then maybe try UofI in the meantime? We'll see.

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britchik96 said...

Oh my...sounds awful. Why don't you try UofI? they have some good doctors there - and it's closer.

Have you thoughta bout giving up caffeine? I know that sounds awful but giving up pepsi and chocolate may help the migraine - although completely understand that you need it to function:0 Just a thought.

I'll be rooting for you on the powerball!