Tuesday, December 06, 2005

I've got my CAR!!!!

OK - I know it's an SUV but it's easier to think "car" than SUV.

Funny thing is that I spent a great deal of time identifying which SUV I wanted, what features I thought were critical, which features I wanted, etc. Then when I bought this - might I add - as my very FIRST bought NEW from the dealer car, I thought it was the best vehicle I could have possibly bought. It was wonderful! I loved the short body length for easy maneuvering, quick and easy parking, the height for drive up ATMs and fast food places, the all wheel drive for slick roads, the remote door opener, the convenience for hauling things, I could go on and on.

I drove it for over two years and it reached the point where I really didn't appreciate all of it's features - it was just my vehicle, and it was nice, but I didn't get 'joy' that I felt for the vehicle when it was still now. It's got it's dings and scratches, it needs a thorough cleaning and some conditioning... it's ok, but not 'great'.

But, deprive me of it for six weeks and make me drive my son's car or a rental car - and bam! The appreciation is back! I LOVE MY SUV!!!

I drove it back to work after picking it up and swore that I wouldn't let big A drive it without supervision for a very long time as punishment for hurting it and that I would make sure that he never hurt my baby ever again.... It's still got it's dings and it's scratches - but tonight it's getting cleaned up (well as much as I can given that it's in the single digits).

BTW - The spare car seat, a folding four foot long table, a full-size stroller and various other items are in the back and there's STILL room for more to haul! How cool is it to have that kind of hauling ability in an easy to drive, love to drive day to day vehicle? Can you tell I really missed my baby?


britchik96 said...

I feel like you do about your car - sooooo glad you got it back. How about Son #1 doesn't drive it at all..... screw punishment.... it's not his to drive. And he blew and out and out priviledge.

spider said...

As of right now he's not borrowing - but I know sooner or later I'm going to want him to run an errand for me... but it's not the same as him getting to drive it for his purposes.

As far as his car - he's going to have to pay me the amount he owes me before we start talking repairs... and since he owes me $1700 now and it's up $100 each month.... and he doesn't have a job, any money, nor has he paid me a dime... he's going to be walking for a while.