Friday, December 16, 2005

Lessons Learned This Week

  • Stefanie is awesome at supplying ways to make money… we need to team up more often in business adventures.
  • Phil can make me laugh even at over 300 miles away - so when you get your new job in New York, plan on a visit from your friends in Iowa.
  • I LOVE having all wheel drive - with the idiots cutting me off every time I turn around, me and my car have managed to avoid accidents each and every time (so far).
  • My timing is good - if my health is going to worsen, it did it between projects when there wasn't a lot of work going on and my missing work isn't going to delay anything.
  • There are more nicknames for vulva than I EVER could have imagined even if I'd tried to come up with a list of nicknames, it would have probably ended up with less than a handful instead of the 50 or more that were on the CD.

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