Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Migraine Auras

Apparently, my spells are related to migraine auras which usually start a little before a migraine (but not always) and does not always come with pain.  So, since I hated the neurologist I saw at Mercy and he never bothered to call to schedule the tests I was supposed to have in November ( I hate tests, so I never called in to tell them they forgot me though)…. I think I'll find someone else to treat me. It would be nice to get the auras suppressed or prevented…. And then it would be nice to have my pain pills to keep my chest and arm from hurting me, and then it would be nice to not be so exhausted every day. I've been getting like 10 hours of sleep every night now for almost a month - shouldn't I be a little less tired now? I've got a call into the doctor who is back from vacation starting today - so we'll see what our next steps are.

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