Monday, December 05, 2005

OK - early resolutioning

According to a dear friend, first things first specifies has a concept that if you can identify one thing that you can change about yourself, your actions, etc. that is only a matter of willpower that by changing it can make a dramatic improvement in your life, that it should be the first thing you should do...

My depression and attitude is horrible lately, and I know part of that is lack of sleep (that I've put as much control over as I can) and my health (which is in the hands of doctors waiting for an opportunity to go to Mayo clinic) - neither of which I can control. HOWEVER, another factor is that I absolutely hate the condition that my house has gotten into - it's a complete disaster zone only missing the police barrier tape. I know that if I spent 30 minutes a day working on it that I would have dramatic progress. However, being tired, it takes a LOT of willpower to do any housekeeping when you don't feel well.

So, that's my goal - for the next 30 days, I am going to spend 30 minutes a day doing some serious damage control around my house. After the 30 days, I'll either increase it to 45 minutes, then to 60 minutes OR I'll have handled it to a point where I don't get all down in the dumps just looking around OR It'll be ok to keep it at 30 minutes, but I can then add in some home improvement projects to not just 'keep up' with things but make some of the improvements I've wanted to make since I bought the house. Out of which - none are finished... the mural in Alex's bedroom isn't complete, the bathroom wallpaper was stripped and the bare walls now show, etc.

Here's hoping to make a dent!

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