Thursday, December 15, 2005

On a more positive note - even if it kills me

OK - the whole purpose behind this blog was to get a chance to refocus on the positive. I'm failing miserably at this lately.

So…. Some good things that are happening to me.

  • I've actually made money at both my books and eBay toys - thanks to a friend or two.
  • I still love my job - I'm on a new project now, finally have permission to contact someone to discuss requirements (since my job is to gather requirements). First person - was no longer allowed to talk to me by the time I contacted them, less than two hours after I was told they would be. Second person - isn't available to talk to me until next week. No biggie, I'm getting good at wasting my time at work. And thankfully, less stress since I've been sick, at least I'm not causing inconveniences now that I'm not at work every day.
  • Alex is adorable and becoming less of a terror lately. He's learning to throw away his trash and put his dishes when he's done in the kitchen or at least give them to me. He's even agreeable to pick up his toys as long as I ask and help. Even putting crayons back in the drawer in his art desk when asked. He gives kisses when asked (if he feels like it) and is starting to want to have conversations with me.
  • Adam is starting to help out a little more, without complaining the entire time… I think he still thinks I'm faking illness, but he's at least willing to compromise a bit more.
  • I borrowed the Vagina Monologues on CD from the public library - very funny, should be required reading (or listening) for all who own one. It's quite interesting listening to various types of moaning on headphones while sitting at a desk at work. I'm not sure what I'm going to borrow next, but I can pretty much guarantee that nothing will possibly compare.
  • While I haven't stuck 100% to my resolution of devoting 30 minutes to cleaning per day - I have been working every day, just not quite as much time as I had hoped. AND I am gaining, slowly but surely, there's less laundry to do, each room upstairs has improved at least a little, there's a dent.
  • I have my own car, still a joy, even after a week of having it, it's mine and I love it.

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