Tuesday, December 27, 2005

One unpleasant moment due to Christmas

Little A was allergic to either the wipes I was using that contained lanolin (which I am allergic to) or something he ate. His little bottom got a little red on Christmas day, and redder as the day wore on - by afternoon I was using "Bag Balm" which is completely miraculous in fighting little red bottoms. But by evening it was even more red to the point of crying each time he wet his diaper or pooed. Screaming would ensue when wiping him clean. So, we switched back to the regular wipes… but by then both of his legs started turning a bit red and the middle of his back - which is why we started wondering if he ate something he might have been allergic too - who knows though. At my mom's house on Christmas day the food is all laid out all over the place and the little ones eat whatever they find. From ham, to cheese, to clam chowder, to tons of cookies (little A's favorite) - and as grandma said - "It's Christmas, let him have whatever he wants". So about 8:30 pm I was holding a very tired (no nap), very sore, little boy in my arms. I decided to leave his diaper off for a while to see if it would help with the soreness.. And then he fell asleep in my arms. About an hour later he wiggled a little bit and woke up just enough to empty his bladder, and wanted nothing more than to stay curled up on my lap to go back to sleep. Nice. I ended up in the shower because I was covered in pee from waist to knees. He cried until I was re-dressed in my jamma's and had him diapered and back in my lap. At least the rash was cleared up by morning.

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