Thursday, December 08, 2005

Progress on the home front?

  • I've spent four of the last five days cleaning for half an hour or more (on the weekend and before I made my resolution)… the only day I missed was the day I drove to and from Cedar Rapids after work to fetch the 'train sets'.  Which I think shouldn't count against me. And I'm seeing a bit of progress. Not a lot, but enough to encourage me to continue.
  • I love having my SUV back - driving in today with several inches of new snow and dozens of stupid drivers out there went really well. Only - I have to ask this - Going South on Seventh Street and taking a right onto Grand Avenue - since when are there two right turn lanes???? According to the person in the lane left of me - she couldn't understand why I almost hit her when I turned right into the farthermost left lane…. But I'm convinced there aren't two right-turning lanes there. Of course, with snow covered roads, who knows whether I'm right or she was until they clear the streets. But I'm checking!
  • Alex growls at the boxes in the hallway that are the 'train sets' - why??
  • I've got my orders in for my book party and about five or six of the books are out of stock, so now I have to follow up so I can get the order placed ASAP.
  • I've got work to do at work - hallelujah - or however that's spelled. I've dived into the new project. I don't have a single person I get to talk to yet, but am working with existing documentation to capture the information I need anyway. Full speed ahead.
  • 90% of my Christmas shopping is going to be done on eBay or Target - why you ask? Because those are the only credit cards I've got that have any available credit on them. Man, after Christmas I'm going to have to start digging myself out of this hole!!!!
  • But to do that, I have to abolish all of Adam's driving rights so I don't end up spending even more on car repairs!
  • I forgot to stop and get bled out last night for the rest of the tests for my thyroid - so I'm repeating over and over to myself - stop for blood letting tonight - stop for blood letting tonight.
  • Really, really missing the what's for dinner meals since I ran out. Don't have the money to go again right now, but man it's so handy to have good, easy to fix meals after work instead of cooking everything from scratch.


Stefanie said...

Hm, from third taking a left on grand, there are two turning lanes, but I don't know about 7th.

Stefanie said...

Oh, and I'll be up for another whats for dinner soon, probably before the end fo the month.