Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Progress with Holiday errands

What did I do last night?

  • Stopped at EVERY dollar store in Newton looking for children's gloves that my sitter SUGGESTED I get Alex to find 0 children's gloves
  • Picked up stocking stuffers, a gift for sitter, a gift for one of the boys at the sitters ( they said I didn't need one for the other boy, but changed their minds this morning ), a gift for dear Stefanie - although I've already got Liam's gift as well, just not wrapped yet!
  • Picked up two 'other' gifts for Alex I wanted to get him
  • Got groceries, including supplies to make Oreo balls (yummy) and Chili for Christmas Day afternoon snacking
  • Returned the Vagina Monologue on CD to the library

What's left?

  • Shipping the last train by Fed Ex tonight (they say 3 days and they'll deliver to the home address on Saturday - so I've got my fingers crossed).
  • Picking up gift for two baby boys (1 at sitter, and 1 for Carson)
  • Picking up two gift certificates at fast food places for Sitter
  • Making Oreo balls (ooohhh yummy) but time consuming!
  • Making Ornaments (damn!!!) - I make ornaments every year for my nieces and nephews (and adopted nephews) ever since I was first a single mom and dirt poor and couldn't afford gifts for them… Since I didn't have any ornaments for my own tree that year - I made a set for me and a set for them - figuring if I give them an ornament every year, after 18 years they at least have a few ornaments for their first trees. It's now a tradition and I get a lot of boos every time I suggest discontinuing it. AND I've been told that my original plan of discontinuing the practice once they hit 18 is ALSO not allowed - so I guess I'm going to be doing this until I'm 90.
  • Wrapping Presents (like 0 wrapped now) - I may end up just taking all of them to Mom's house and wrapping them while we're there on Christmas Eve

Not too bad, after all…. Since I'm in bed by 8pm every night and not home from work until after 5 pm I think I've completed a major miracle last night to get this caught up.

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