Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Rough night

Good news:

  • I did my half hour of cleaning that I wanted to do...
  • and I got a $300 order from my book party the other week - yahoo! Quite the sales lady the hostess was - only $11 of that order was placed the night of the party - the remainder by outside orders. Unfortunately, I screwed up and when I emailed to myself at work I messed up the email address; can't just print it unless I run around my house with my jump drive. I think I'm going to have to commandeer managing the network setup if Big A doesn't get it up and working again...
  • I get my SUV today - yahoo!!!! Can't wait to be driving my all wheel drive vehicle again with all this snow.

Bad news:

  • Little A kept me up until midnight last night - because while I was checking my email and cleaning Big A who was supposed to wear him out - only managed to wind him up... not his fault, I told him to wear the child out, it was my mistake in assuming that wearing him out was possible.
  • Little A's one eye was rather red - I hope that it's not pink eye - that's all I need!

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