Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Winter Cheer Up Cards

OK, I need a flashier title - but here's the gist...

  • No one REALLY has time for Christmas cards - let's face, the few who get them out in time is because they really don't have a life, all us single moms really, really don't have time to do everything we have to do for a normal winter month, let alone the additional work that the holidays adds, let alone spend several hours doing Christmas cards, I don't care how well you're organized. And for me, at least, if there isn't time, the cards are the first thing on my list that get scratched because I don't have time to do everything.
  • But, I love the tradition of getting an annual update on the lives and families of some of my cousins and aunts and uncles that I exchange cards with... it's a nice change to 'bills' in the mail, you know?
  • Currently I tend to get a bit depressed after Christmas as it is, all the decorations go back to storage, the weather usually sucks for several months in a row, it's cold and dreary, and there's no holidays past New Years - which to be honest, I don't tend to celebrate a whole lot other than to use the extra day off to clean, or do chores.
  • I also tend to have a lot of 'down' time by mid-January to mid-March where I don't want to go outside to do anything, I don't have money to go shopping, etc.
  • So, I think we should push a new tradition. Instead of sending Christmas cards, we should send Winter Greetings or Winter Cheer up Cards. We can make it a tradition to exchange cards over a period of several months (so we don't always end up sending Christmas cards in January when it's late - we've got lots of time to procrastinate and still get them sent). We can include the little letter that updates everyone about our lives and in return we receive little updates from everyone else which will make for more cheery mail on a cold winter night.

What do you say? Hop on my Soap box and put out the cheer - Down with Xmas Cards up with ?? Something that sounds cooler than Winter Greeting Cards. LOL

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