Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Happy New Year

Happy New Year All!

Little A and I ended up having a bit of adventure on New Years Eve… Long story - our evening started early - around 3:00 Little A and I headed over to Stefanie's house where Little A was eagerly awaiting an opportunity to ride the twain (the Thomas the Tank Engine train that's big enough to ride on). I grabbed my camera on our way out the door. Went to grab it on our way to the basement where the train is set up - but 'no camera' to be found. Well, I figured it must have fallen out of my purse - no big deal, it's probably on the seat of the car. Thankfully, Stefanie has her camera… so she gets to snap some pictures of him riding the train - with me in the middle of the tracks because the train only goes if you hold the button down and Little A assumed it was a 'press and release' kind of thing… and when that wouldn't work, perhaps if he rocked it - lol! So, instead, I sat/stood/stooped in the center of the circle of tracks and tried to figure out a way to keep a hold on the button and not get so dizzy as to pass out - interesting, challenging - totally impossible.

Then we left the train for 'Imagineve' an event at Iowa Hall that had dozens of blow up rides and craft activities and about 300 kids per ride standing in line. Thankfully Stefanie didn't think the lines looked any more fun than I did… so we ended up at Chuckee Cheese - Little A's very first time there… he wasted no time standing in line to order pizza and instead headed off for more interesting parts - so I ended up trying to follow and urge back toward the vicinity of the line so I could keep Stefanie company and keep an eye on him…. When her little one headed off in opposite directions… so I followed and encouraged them to investigate similar areas and poor Stefanie got stuck waiting in line alone.

We were given free tokens at the door which was awesome… so besides the outrageously expensive pizza our only other expense was about $5 in tokens later in the evening when Little A decided he HAD to shoot some hoops - He couldn't even reach the top of the 'shoe' for the little kids basketball shoot - but with mom's help - which means - stoop, let him pick up one ball, discourage him from trying to pick up a second ball at the same time… lift him high near the opening - let him shoot - then start the process over for about eight to ten shots. We also had several ride-on toys which 'awesomely' enough - Little A would rather sit on while they were off… always has preferred them off when he sits in them… fine by me! Stefanie's little one was a little more timid when it came to the ride-ons - after a couple of peek-aboos though, he became adventurous enough to ride the green truck - only the green truck - nothing else. He really, really wanted to be brave enough to ride the train - only other kids were getting on and off it and it was running - as much as he loves trains - he wasn't ready to brave one that was actually in motion… so that'll have to wait for when he's a little older.

He and Little A also played on the small slide quite a bit - both exploring it at will - which gave Stefanie and I a chance to sit for a little while… I know I needed the rest.. But then Little A got it in his head he wanted to slide down the spiral slide… only the only way to get to the top of the spiral slide was to climb the indoor ceiling high climbing space… he's brave enough, but not quite tall enough to do it on his own. So after he asked for 'mommeee heeelp' about a half dozen times, I kicked off my shoes and climbed into a WAY too small space and helped him up inside… I figured I'd get out once I got him to the top - but oh, no - there was a sweet little girl who also needed help up and then she wanted me to follow her down the slide too - and she had the sweetest smile and the nicest 'please' so I made the trip a couple of times for her. Well, then Stefanie's little one wanted to investigate (sort of) so I helped him up - but he wouldn't go down the slide alone…. 'sit' 'sit' so I'd sit at the top of the slide - he'd hop on and down we'd go…. After a couple of trips up and down and me hoping he was brave enough to go alone (at this point Little A had commandeered the assistance of a little boy to help him get up about 30 times without me)…. He decided he wanted to know 'what's over there' "so sweet" how sweet is that???? So, we crawled around the tubes but then he got ahead of me - and by the time I reached the end - there was his mom going "so where is he" and me going --- hmmm, he was right in front of me… and then me freaking out because the last thing I want is for him to end up somewhere alone and scared and not knowing where to go or where I went - so I went back and around again - and I enlisted a little girl's help - neither of us could find him for about five minutes. Finally I come down and here he comes around the corner - he must have gone down the slide all by himself and wandered around looking at other games to play. Woooosh - all ended well…. Me, I was completed exhausted and extremely hot from way too much crawling in a way TOO small tunnel…

We ended up driving around looking at lights with occasional "wow" and "pretty" from Little A and "Christmas Lights" from Stefanie's little boy who is WAY more advanced verbally…. We ended up doing the drive through the seasonal lights at the park as well - though both boys were pretty tired by then - they'd name the lights but didn't seem very impressed … I didn't hear any 'wow' or 'pretty' coming from Little A - Stefanie's little one on the other hand was naming 'bear' and 'Santa' and 'deer' and loved 'tunnels' and all the balls were 'baseballs' except the football - he got that the bear was kicking the football which was way cute.

Afterwards we ended up back and Stefanie's house again - which was too short by Little A's standard - he wanted to ride the train and play with the train… but I hadn't realized how late it was…. It was after 10pm before we left and we had too very, very tired little boys that were up way past their bed time on New Years Eve… Nice part of that was although Little A didn't go to bed early on Saturday night - he got up early on Sunday - BUT then he laid down for bed/nap at 6 pm and slept through until 8 am on Monday morning - wahooo --- some sleep was good!

Oh, and where was the missing camera? Outside my front door in the rain for several days…. We've dried it out - but big A got it a little too warm when drying it out … so we're now letting it cool off and hoping when I recharge it I get more than 'error' when I turn it on. So much for my 5 mega pixel camera… sob… sob….

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Bob said...

I'm really sure you left before 10.
I'm glad you guys came, we had a wonderful time. L was so impressed with all the lights, and it was nice for A and L to get to play together, it's been so long since they were together.

I'm glad you were feeling well enough, at least for a while, to really enjoy yourself. You deserve that.