Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quiet weekend

I had tickets to the circus for Sunday, but gave them away when I found out that I'd messed up and bought tickets the day of the family reunion.

We had quasi-busy plans for this weekend... wasn't sure if I was going to do all of it, and yet, somehow, ended up doing none of it.

1) A fund-raising event with a child's walk around a lake by a mall... with children's activities along the way... but yet, we overslept Saturday, and I didn't feel like rushing, so we skipped it.

2) "a" has been slowly adapting to using stickers as a reward instead of a new toy - for the potty training, that although we are now finished with training... it's a situation of where the bribery worked too well, and now we need to wean him from getting a new toy every day - so I bargained with him that five stickers means a trip to Jumping Jacks - think Chuckee Cheese but with a section for inflatable rides as well. He was a bit of a brat, so I figured we'd have to wait for another day so as not to "confuse" what the reward was for.

3) Same thing about the outside movie at the park..

4) Overslept this morning - and given that it's a four hour drive each way to a two hour event - blech! I decided to skip. To be honest, I only went because my mom wanted me there... and today, I just couldn't see the point in going.

So, ah, well. We stayed in for the most part - only today venturing out for a trip to pick up his Halloween Costume -- Superman - but it took about ten minutes to talk him out of Spiderman (since we already have Spiderman from last year).

On other news - "A" lost his job. But isn't telling me much more than just that. But, he is going to school, and he's at least trying to get along... I'm peaking at his blog, but he isn't posting often... but it also doesn't look like he's facing reality either. Ah, well, he's alive and will hopefully live long enough to figure out that this was just part of life.

Hopefully by taking it easy this weekend, I've given myself a better chance of getting over my cold... thought I was almost over it, but keep spending most of the night coughing... so am relying heavily on vicks... which my poor cat hates. But at least I can breath.

Friday, September 28, 2007

Gold Coin

This week I was delighted to be awarded a "gold coin" which is basically just a token, but still very nice to receive. I was nominated again for this award which is given to only about ten to twelve employees out of tens of thousands of employees quarterly. It's the second such item I've received, the first I received in my old position (doing the same work for same team, but different manager). And it's always nice to know that when I've gone the extra mile and worked extremely hard to get where we are today, that someone took notice (perhaps even several took notice) and put in a nomination and I was selected. I've been working side-by-side with a co-worker on this project for such a long time - and fortunately, she too was awarded a coin this quarter. It's really pretty cool that they put a lot of emphasis on making sure to recognize those who are going the extra mile like this!

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sorry for no updates

I'm using my laptop to post, since I've been lazy and haven't gotten a new keyboard & cover to protect that keyboard.

"a" and I are down and out with a nasty bug that's going around that's really got us both pretty tired. When "a" yells out "MOMMY I WANT TO TAKE A NAP" you've got a pretty good clue that he was pretty tired.

"A" called me today to ask for log in information to access his account to get funds from his 529 (education fund) for paying for his class at DMACC, which means he must still be taking classes. I didn't even try to ask him how he's doing or anything else.

Currently, the "communication" has been mostly me texting him stuff about "a" & I... and him either ignoring it or being a complete (*ss). I did finally send him one text message when he got particularly nasty about my not responding to his text messages (which by the way, I still am proud for not having responded to them). Which was basically this:

"I love you and would love to help you in any way I can. However, I am not interested in playing any role in your drama anymore."

So, I've said my piece, I'm out of the drama. And truth is, he seems to be going to work and going to school and surviving... I almost wonder if it's all because of the whole "coming of age" thing. As anyone who remembers being a teenager can remember, there comes a point where you have to pull away from your parents a bit. And at that point, none of the old rules apply. "A" has always struggled when he didn't have clear-cut rules to follow. So, maybe this is just how he's had to handle it in his own way. Who know? Maybe I'm just imagining this, but he seems to be fine.

"a" & I are now active at the YMCA. I'm working out two to three times a week - can you believe it? Plus every other Friday night I now have some freedom, well, at least until 9:30. But, hey! I can live with that. He gets pizza, movies, and a gym & playground to run around in, and I get to go out and know that he's someplace safe.

BTW - potty training... woohoo! finally a sucess. He's now officially potty-trained. We haven't had a single accident in three whole weeks. However, we are now in the "withdraw" stage... i.e., bribery worked, and now he's going to continue to use the potty, only now he's fighting over the whole, but don't I get a brand new toy twice a day? Afterall, I'm pooping in the potty that often! LOL

Me, I'm feeling pretty good, better if I wasn't sick right now. But, other than first thing in the morning, I feel pretty darn good. Pain is always between 1 & 2 on a scale of 1 to 10... energy level is closer to an 8-9 everyday on a scale of 1 to 10; whereas, not just three months ago, it was closer to 1-2 as well. It's amazing what I can accomplish when I don't feel like a 90-yr-old woman.

I've basically dropped the whole breast testing and follow up process... since the pain has basically nocked down to next to nothing... even though I still have two new lumps as of the last six months. My lymph nodes are no longer swollen & the pain is almost gone... so I figure maybe it was just a short-term issue after all like the doctors where trying to tell me. I just have never, ever heard of anyone who has had breast pain that lasted three months solid (not just with my cycle)... and have it be nothing. Too much bad history in my family, so it's hard for me to imagine that if I'd never heard of it, that it would apply to me.

Well, like I said, I had dropped it... and then I had a regular check-in with my internist where I was so happy about the decrease in pain and the increase in energy... the only time I'm tired now, is first thing in the morning... I wake up feeling like I've had NO sleep and need about ten more hours of it. If I try to make myself move, it's like my muscles don't want to work... I can reach over and shut off the alarm clock, but not without a bunch of shaking & missing the clock. I don't seem to have full control. So, he's running a bunch more tests, and in there, he's concerned that they didn't do any follow up on the new breast lumps - so we're going to get scheduled for another mammogram. I said, that I'd be ok with it as long as I didn't have to go back to the other office... and saw someone new.

In addition, they're going to test me for sleep apnea... I'd had a simple oxygen probe on my finger for a whole night last December and since it never dropped below 100% they ruled out sleep apnea... however, since my PE's never dropped my oxygen levels either, I'm almost wondering if maybe that wasn't a good test to use to rule it out. So, they're going to try to schedule me for a sleep study, which means I have to figure out something to do with "a" - as the sleep study is an over-night test where I have to sleep at their facility.

The last groups of tests are hypothyroidism & hyperthyroidism. About 18 months ago, I was tested for hypo... and tested positive instead for hyper... and then they came back and retested me again about a month later - and that time I came back hypo... and they've tested me once or twice since, and those times I came back normal. I'd really like to know why I was all over the board there for a while and if it has any impact to how I was feeling at the time. I do know that right now, i have so much energy, I struggle going to sleep and staying asleep. Good news is that I'm at least getting to a good normal amount of sleep - about 8 hours a night instead of 12-13.

I just need to figure out a way to get up in the morning. It's next to impossible to get to work on time... and I'm so frustrated with myself over it... since I figure that if I'm not in pain & not so exhausted, that I ought to be able to get out of bed when the alarm goes off. It's really my only health complaint right now, other than that 30 pounds I need to lose.

With about four weeks of working out, I've lost 3 inches on my waist, but no pounds... but I've lost my appetite since this last weekend, and am eating a small fraction of what I would normally eat - got weighed at the doctor's office again - and I'd gained two pounds... geez!

Oh, well, health first, fitness next - then I'll work on getting my weight off. And at least my pants fit me better now - which is a VERY big deal because I absolutely refuse to buy another wardrobe another size larger... and was getting quite upset about the tight waistband!

Well, hopefully now that I've gotten caught up with my posting... I'll be able to get back into sync again.

Sunday, September 16, 2007