Monday, October 29, 2007

Now some Halloween snaps

Since it's hard to read - it says Party above the bat... so much for "skill" I was trying to carve this while sitting on the floor with "a" in my lap and surrounding by 12 kids under 12 carving their pumpkins... But, the bat turned out ok.

And now.... Superman! (don't you love his abs!)

First - grumpy "a"

Now that I finally have a new digital camera - some pics!

This is what I deal with most nights after work even if we're about to go do something fun & exciting (like a Halloween party):

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

"A" update

Well, "A" is still alive and well. And even if he's never, ever going to recover from his devastating break up... he now has a new girlfriend.

Bad news is that she's 15. Good news is that they don't "DATE", they are never alone together and are not having sex. They are going to wait until she is 16 in a few months before they actually go out the first time. Hopefully, a step in the right direction. For me though, it's more than that. "A" is now in the "living life" stage and his girlfriend is still in high school. "A" hasn't figured out yet that that's a recipe for a break up, but ah, well... it's not like he listens to me anyway... LOL

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nice wedding

Wedding went well, it was short and very sweet. Misty looked very beautiful. I'm going to have to go pick me out yet another digital camera as mine just didn't survive last time "A" used it. Yes, "A", not "a"... though I think it was on it's last legs before he mucked with it.

The reception was really nice and there was a really big turnout... I'd guess probably 200-300 people. They just had a DJ for dancing, and quite a good crowd of dancing. "a" had a blast, although he became quite enamored with another boy's 'wheelies'... initially he was struggling to figure out how this kid was "skating" along, and then he finally asked him to show him his shoes - LOL! And then he came to me to complain that he didn't have wheels on his shoes. :-)

Unfortunately - the night before the wedding, I went out for a drink, it should have been fine. But it wasn't. I live in a town now with - what - half a million people, and somewhat notorious for having crime (at least for Iowa)... and I go back to the small town where I went to high school; only about 400 people in the whole joint; and someone vandalizes my car. Nothing too serious, they stole the driver's side rear-view mirror; just enough to really, really piss me off.

I mean really, what on earth did I do 20 + years ago, that they had to find a way to seek revenge? I never really did any harm to anyone... basically kept to myself, but I was the "smart" one, so therefor must be hated, I guess. Oh, well. What do I do but just go and get it fixed. But, it really does piss me off.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lots going on, not much to talk about

I've been busy at work -- who hasn't?

I didn't go to the gym this week, and miss it... "A" took "a" Sunday night, so my only chance to "work around the house" was Monday night; then I picked him up on Tuesday night, worked Wednesday night; and tonight, the gym's off limits as he's probably got pink-eye. Tomorrow we head to CR area for my nieces wedding.

"a"s dad is going to pick him up Friday night & bring him back after the wedding; as it's really the best weekend this month for him to have "a", but he's willing to let "a" go to the wedding & reception. I figure if they aren't going to get the whole weekend, he might as well stay through the wedding, the wedding itself isn't much fun for a four-year-old. But we'll get him so he can dance at the reception - and then head on home.

Maybe by Sunday things will be calm enough I can head to the gym.

Tuesday I get the joy of participating in a barium enema... doesn't that sound like a barrel of fun? But, they decided they'd try that before trying a colonoscopy... which didn't sound like a ton of fun either... oh, well, I'm sure I'll survive the experience... and I promise to save the nasty gruesome details to myself. LOL