Monday, December 31, 2007

"A"s job

Well, it's day 7. An official week, since he started on the 25th, today is the 7th day. He's only worked about 80-90 hours this week... one shift was about 28 hours. But, he's fixing the system, and he's been promoted, again... he's now the "official" trainer and trouble shooter for the five Des Moines stores. I'm proud, but also a little worried he's going to burn out and then not want anything to do with them. We'll see. Wish him luck.

"a" just got home from daddy's last night. He had a blast as always, and tons of presents. I think grandma and grampa on his daddy's side is spoiling him - as the "horse" I assume it's stuffed? was in the back of Daddy's SUV and when "a" wanted to put it in mommy's car, Daddy said that mommy wouldn't want that "big ol' thing" and that he'd take it home and keep it at his house. I was curious - as I think there's an animated horse that responds to the kids that ran a couple hundred dollars that it might be. But who knows?

Anyway, on to the financial aspect - I'm cashing out an IRA to try to keep things from going bad to worse. Once I get that money I should be able to buy some groceries and make my payments on some of my debts to keep me out of trouble. I thought about fighting the garnishment since I'd been making payments every month on the debt, maybe not as much as they want, but something. But if I can make it through the next couple of months, that would be one last debt to pay on. And with "A" working the hours he is, he can help cover some of the expenses so that we can get through it.

Like Phil, I'm going to post my progress a bit, so that I can keep myself on target.

Saturday I did my 6 loads of laundry and I pulled out three boxes of baby toys. I didn't get them cleaned until Sunday, but as I was digging out toys from various piles and bins of stuff, I sorted out a lot of his toys and his room is about half-clean right now as a result. So on Sunday, I sorted and cleaned the toys I pulled out before I drove to Iowa City & back to pick "a" up. So, I feel pretty good about that. Last night, "a" helped me pick up even more because he was excited to see his room getting clean; and I found a few more items to put with the others that we're getting rid of. I'll clean them tonight; and then sneak them out to the car (where I've hidden the others) after he goes to bed tonight. I'm going to post them on free-cycle.... I had thought about trying to sell them, especially as right now we're in a money crunch; but it's not really worth the time to mess with them. And I know that with free-cycle, they'll be appreciated and hopefully, they'll be gone before "a" figures out what I'm up to.

I'm trying to work today, but it's completely dead. Nice thing is that I finally get to work on the stuff that's been low priority for forever... problem is that it's hard to motivate myself to work on something that isn't very important. It also doesn't help that "a" and "A" are both here distracting me and it's really something that needs focus.

That said, today's de-clutter and home work is to take down and pack up the Christmas tree and some of my Christmas decorations; and post the notice to free-cycle about the toys.

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Gioperation said...

selling them wouldn't be that bad...of course you can do it on ebay and make a few dollars.