Sunday, December 09, 2007

Destressing by knitting

Well, I've been knitting like a maniac these last few months, more so this past week or so. It lets me busy my hands and keeps me distracted enough that I'm not dwelling on my troubles.

I wish I was decorating the Christmas tree or sitting around with my sister & niece. But nothing seems to want to go my way lately.

Did I mention?
- left my cell phone at my father-in-laws at Thanksgiving
- Sister was going to bring it to me last weekend - but a snow storm killed that
- Sister was going to bring it to me this weekend, but my niece couldn't get ready in time to come out apparently, I don't really know, because I keep calling her and getting disconnected
- My regular phone doesn't seem to work - I can call out, but if anyone calls in it tells them it's disconnected
- So, my sister can't call me, and every time I call her, if she answers, it disconnects
- oh, and I canceled out of a play time for "a" because my sister was coming, which obviously didn't happen, so he missed out there
- I can't call "A" while he's in jail - but he could call me, that is if I could get calls...
- I was going to go see him yesterday - visitation is Saturday afternoon & Thursday morning... but I can't take "a" and my sister didn't come to see me after all
- my lock on the garage broke about half-way through bringing up the Christmas decorations
- Adam managed to keep the garage keys in the ruckus, so even though I've called maintenance to fix my lock, I have no keys
- Called maintenance on Friday to say, hey, have no key to the garage, after you fix it can you drop off a key? - they said, hey, pick it up on Saturday
- go in on Saturday, they didn't have a spare, said come back in an hour and they'll go run and make one
- came back an hour and fifteen minutes later - office was closed

... so I'm feeling a little bit frustrated.

At least we have a tree - I bought some lights for it, but that's about it. I didn't get to go see "A" and I have no way to let him know that I wasn't coming so I'm sure he's upset - and since he can't call me, I'm sure he's feeling even worse.

So, for two days now, I've sat around in my pajamas and knitted. I think I've almost finished all my Christmas gifts, but a couple of finishing touches on a couple of items... so I'm just dreaming up things to make... not sure who for, but hey, I'm de-stressing, so I'm thinking it really doesn't have to be for a purpose. Right?

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britchik96 said...

If knitting keeps you sane, then keep on knitting. Make a a scarf:) He'll shoot you when he's older but it's cute for now. Sorry nothing's working out for you. If you're PC works you could set up a Skype account - you can set it up with a phone number.