Friday, December 28, 2007

Dreaming of a New Year

"A" has started his new job, and seems really proud of himself. I'm very proud of him as well. I always knew he knows how to work hard, is smart and learns fast. He just doesn't always chose to show it. Often for xmas, I try to find a funny t-shirt (although he doesn't love it, he'll wear them). This year, I found an awesome one. "Born genious, slacker by choice"... LOL! A company came in and bought out a few convenience stores in the area; a trainer from Omaha came in and started staffing them up. She's thrilled with "A" as he's able to not just learn quickly, but since he's computer literate, previously a chef, and good with his hands (as I've always made him help me around the house as a handy-man); he's been able to fix broken equipment (like the hot-dog machine); and figure out quicker and easier ways to fix the register system when handling inventory. So, basically, now, he's showing the trainer the short-cuts he's discovered that makes their job easier. Which is pretty darn cool. He knows how to do inventory, to order new stock, close the register, etc. after only being shown once or twice. They're right now in the process of hiring (and firing the ones that don't get it)... and I guess they hired one guy as a potential manager, but she's mad at him because he came in late one day to open. Although "A" has management experience (a couple of months at the race track); he's just not ready for that kind of responsibility just yet. I'm sure she knows it as well, but that doesn't mean that they won't keep their eyes on him for the future.

They want to go 24/7, and I know "A" would love to work the overnight hours. Only issue is that since he's still sleeping on the couch, it'll be next to impossible for him to sleep during the day if we're around. It's just short-term right now just trying to figure out how we're going to make it through the next couple of months... but I've asked him to think about his longer-term prospects and plans as if he's going to be around more than six months we really ought to consider moving into a 3-bedroom apartment. But where else can he work late nights, flirt with all the girls that come into the store, not have a lot of supervision because he's proving himself trustworthy (thankfully) AND he can text on his phone as much as he wants when he's not busy.

"a" is going out to see his dad this weekend, which is awesome. I'm looking forward to being able to clean his room and cycle through his toys and get some of the baby toys out of there, put some others into storage so that there's less around to make messes with... not that he can't figure out a way anyway.

Me, I'm totally freaking out... I've been totally bankrupt for so long, and basically this past summer started making payments to my creditors... I've got eleven companies I'm seriously in debt to. I discussed filing for bankruptcy last year... but when I realized I made too much money to really improve the situation much... all I was going to be able to do was "re-organize" my debt... I decided I'd rather send that money to the creditors instead of the lawyer.

So, I spent the first part of the year getting into a position where I was decreasing my expenses and trying to figure out how to survive on less money. Then I started paying my creditors each $100/ month - not as much as they want, but by the time I've got 11 creditors $1100/ month is what I can afford... add my car payment it's $1700/month towards debt (which is 50% of my net income). I figure the companies I owe the most to, this won't hardly cover the interest... but, the ones I owe less too, eventually this will pay them off. Once they're paid off, I could then take the extra money from that debt and apply it to the larger creditors. Based on my math which was a bit concervative, this would get me out of debt in about five years; which I figure was worth it.

However, this leaves me about only $200/ month for gas, entertainment, lunch money, clothing allowance. Everything else was going to rent, car payment, car insurance, insurance, day care and groceries.

About the only "extravegance" I have left was the YMCA membership of only $58/month - which I might have to consider discontinuing... why? because one of the companies that I was making payments too - managed to garnish my wages, even though I'd been making payments and I hadn't received any notification they were taking me to court. They are going to garnish $600 per paycheck ($1200 per month). I'm SO screwed. I'm going to go to the courthouse to try to fight it, but geez! That's money I really don't have. If I can't get it stopped, I can't afford to pay any other creditor and then they'll have reason to take me to court. Add to it I was already going to be on a tighter than normal budget for the next two months.... 1) I have to pay my daycare while I'm putting away pre-tax dollars to pay my daycare before I have enough in the account so that they can pay my daycare for me which is double the expense and 2) I have a new deductable all over again for my health insurance which means all my medications have to be paid for instead of being free (like they've been for the past nine months).

I'm screwed. The only good news is that "A" wants to help out financially. My issue is that as much as I can use his help, and will probably accept it in the name of repayment for the debt he's never repaid; it's the principal of the fact that he needs to get his own act together and not just help his mother out. It's not supposed to work that way... you know? I'm not supposed to need his help. It doesn't matter as I basically have few other choices. I may still have to go back and declare bankruptcy after all, as if I can't get the garnishment stopped, I at least have to stop any further legal action against me. I thought that even if I wasn't paying "enough" that my payments were at least the "right" and "just" thing to do.

Well, now that I've vented... I've freed my mind and can now consider my goals... I don't usually believe in New Years resolutions, but this year, I need them!

I'm going to start writing POSITIVE posts for 2008!
I'm going to lose at minimum 10 pounds with or without the Y membership by cutting back on snacks I can't afford, reducing my Pepsi intake and exercising.
I'm going to get out of the house ALONE at least once a month, even if it's nothing more than a walk in the park.
I'm going to continue to knit & crochet, but am going to LIMIT the time spent so I don't mess up my wrists.
I'm going to capture more pics of "a" and get them online which is safer than on my camera and my now wiped hard-drive.

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there is a book that I read named "financial peace" by dave is an awesome read and will help you out