Friday, December 14, 2007


Well, I went to go see "A" this week, took him some underwear, socks and shirts... I guess they can do laundry, but they don't provide very many good "options". who knew?

It was hard. He didn't want to be there, and I didn't want him there, but I'm deliberately choosing not to make this easier on him. Which is hard, but necessary.

He had a hearing today to see if he could get a pre-trial release. And then if he gets out, he's thinking that after Christmas (or much later?), he'll plead guilty to a lesser charge. I'm thinking that if he wants to plea bargain, he should do it sooner so that the DA doesn't go through the expense of a trial, so they might agree to the plea bargain. If he goes to trial anyway, they don't have any reason to agree to letting him off at the lesser charge of assault. He says that there's no evidence that he broke in, that the door was unlocked, and that there were witnesses who saw him walk in without having to break in. But, my bet is that if those witnesses were willing to come forward now, that the DA wouldn't be trying to charge him with burglary. Ah, well.

In the meantime, I called mediacom, who is my phone provider now and do I have some serious complaints about their customer service.

1)I called in from work, the guy was escalating to level two tech support and had me on hold and somehow managed to lose me in the system - I was re-routed to another first level technician
2) and was told that they couldn't even open a ticket, let alone talk to another technician on the issue if I couldn't read them numbers off of the back of my modem "because the technician didn't record the numbers when they set up my modem".
3) Then she got pretty rude about the fact that in three months I've never received a single call AND I didn't report it until now. Like I knew that if you dialed my number you got a disconnect message... how would I know, it's not like I'm going to call my empty apartment. And I felt it was none of their business that I wasn't giving the number out to anyone.
4) So, after work, I called back again to read off the numbers off of the modem so(which they said they didn't need after all)
5) So then, then we went back on hold so they could escalate to another technician.. and then I got told that they would either email me if they had anything they needed me to do, or they would be calling me up (which would be great) if they got it working
6) So then I didn't hear anything for four days... so I call back
7) Apparently the call on Tuesday, they did a work ticket to program the numbers that were on the back of the modem in... but never did a work ticket to fix the issue... so no one was working on it, even though they swore to me that a second level technician was "working on it as we spoke"

So basically, I can call out, I can use the internet... but if anyone calls my number, they get told it's disconnected. Since I never give the number out, it didn't bother me none... however, with a cell phone at my step-dad's... I kind of need a way for someone to reach me.

SO then, my sister, who hasn't come for the past two weeks, even though they had promised to bring my cell phone to me, I finally get a hold of her, and they'd completely forgotten they had promised to pick my cell phone up two weeks ago and bring it. About that time, I figured I'd call my step-father and have him mail it to me - would have had it a long time ago by now if I'd just done that in the first place, but they talked me out of it.... so now, I finally reach my step-dad, and he doesn't have it any more because my niece picked it up the night before. So, god only knows now when she'll ever bring it. Do I get to be pissy about this? Or should I just shut up and grin and bear it, they didn't have to try to help me out after all? Knowing me, I'd probably just grin and bear it anyway. Wouldn't do any good to complain, not like either of them know what the word responsibility means.

OK... I'll quit wining now.

"a" is so excited for Santa to come. We hung the stockings up last night and this morning he had to announce that Santa hasn't come yet and show me his sadly empty stocking... and then he searched through all the stockings just-in-case. In one of them there was an old elastic band that must have been on some stocking stuffer one year... so he wore that to school today as it was a special bracelet from Santa!

Tonight we went to the Y and we did Christmas crafts... or I did most of them, while he watched me... as tv and eating cookies was a little more interesting... !

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