Saturday, December 15, 2007

Thank GOD for online shopping

For some silly reason, in November when I had 1) a teenager living with me and available for baby sitting & 2) three (3) whole Parent's night out events where I left "a" with capable hands for very little cost to me and was given FREEDOM... I did not do all of my Christmas shopping?

Why you ask? Well December will bring more parents night outs right? Well, no - they don't have them in December. And certainly my teenager will still be living with me in December? Technically true, but obviously not!

So, thank god for on-line shopping. I've got one tab open to a very boring text-filled web site, and each time the little tyke comes my way, I flip over to it. He has no idea that santa is checking out the on-line deals and trying to get free shipping on all his gifts.

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