Thursday, January 17, 2008

But, honey, cleaning ladies only clean!

OK, my son has only fallen down on one part of the bargain he gets by living with free room and board... he isn't helping with cleaning the house. Admittedly, he's working a ton of hours (over 60 this week alone); and with the odd hours, he can't very well clean when he gets home at 1:00 am. He's also picked up what I consider a nasty habit... but hard to discourage when he's so damn lucky. I think my mother is looking over his shoulder and he's inherited her winning streak. He's playing pull tab lottery tickets. He's won over $50 over what he's paid each and every day... first day he won around $58, next day about $75, next day about $120, and today another $100. Since he was playing on his own in the store he works in... and although he's doing it very legit... I've told him he should make the policy that someone else does the cash payouts for him so that no one can every come back and accuse him of cheating the system or pulling a fast one.

So, between that and the last check, he's got enough to pay towards his debt and have "money to play with". Problem is that he's going to keep gambling since he's winning, and it's terribly easy for him to get 'addicted' to anything. But, how can you argue with him when he spends $5-$10 and wins over $100?

But, that said, he's decided he's going to give me a "present" to make up for all the times he hasn't bought me Christmas and Birthday presents -- which is pretty much ever since my mother stopped buying them on his behalf to give to me... and he wants to hire a cleaning service. What he doesn't get is that cleaning services to not pick up or organize the clutter in your house. When we clean 90% of our time is spent putting shit away! And that's not what a cleaning service does. So... I've talked to him about my "flying" and I'm bargaining for 15 minutes of his day once a day to "tackle" as much as we can in a given room... not to clean it, but to get the shit that doesn't belong in that room tackled. We did the dining room today. And the one thing that HAS to stay for now is his computer, as I don't have my desk cleaned up enough to put it there... and haven't tackled the 'what to do' with the burnt mother board and case. If things go as planned, long-term, I'll buy myself a laptop or at least get my old laptop back from the people he had lent it to ... as it was tecnically only a loaner... we'll see, I'm sure they don't want to give it up.

But, we did manage to finish the dining room together in under our 15 minutes. It will probably take two go's at the living room, so two days from now, we'll have finished enough that we could have the cleaning crew at least hit the kitchen, dining room & living room. Save the two bedrooms and two bathrooms for their next trip. Issue is that honestly, cleaning isn't a pain if you don't have to deal with the clutter. So, that's my goal. De-clutter and keep it that way doing it the flylady way, then if someone were to do the first-pass cleaning (though honestly, money would probably be better spent with carpet cleaners)... then my new "process of cleaning" should maintain it! Here's HOPING!

Not sure if we'll still do the cleaning people, but, I do know they won't touch the place until it's pickedup... so at least now, it's out... and then the real question is if it's really going to be needed? Not that I'm turning away a free cleaning service completely... I still think it's awesome idea. I just want to make sure that we don't just pick a bunch of stuff up and stick it somewhere only to have it come drown us again... you know?

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