Friday, January 11, 2008


Well, in my flying lessons, they've got some helpful advice... you can't manage nor organize nor clean around clutter. So clutter has to go.

Every time I try to tackle a lot of clutter or to clean up big messes... I have to "work myself up to the task" -- set aside a lot of time, etc.

BUT, that's not the Flylady way... they do de-cluttering 15 minutes a day throughout the month. They pick one room at a time, they start at the entrance of the room and work their way around the room clock-wise. They don't let you skip the "hard parts", just tackle the "bigger parts" in small pieces... 15 minutes at a time. The key here, is you get rid of the "toss" pile immediately. AND get rid of the "put somewhere else" pile quickly... AND get rid of the "Give away" pile immediately. Since I've been on again, off again using the free cycle site... that's actually been really helpful. So far I've gotten rid of: three large boxes of children's toys, a winter coat I've moved five times and haven't worn for twelve years, a camera tripod I used when I was selling on eBay but don't need anymore, an old stack system stereo, about twenty pounds of legos, and so forth.... YAHOO! Plus I feel really good putting these things to good use.


britchik96 said...

You got rid of lego? With a 4 year old? Are you mad???????? Good job on decluttering....

spider said...

LOL - technically they are on "loan" to the office. My boss wants to set up a "de-stressing" zone where people can go play. I volunteered to loan my legos for the next few years. Figure he'll be seven or eight before he'll want them, and now I don't have to store them at my house for the next three-four years!