Saturday, January 05, 2008

It's Saturday

And although I know I worked on Monday (at home), it still felt like a deliciously short work week. I could really dig working 3 days, 2 days off, working 3 days!

Anyway, "a" is watching cartoons in my bedroom, I'm spending a lot of time procastinating on my chores by checking emails, reading blogs, etc. And "A" is asleep on the couch. He, is still working 10-12 hour days, but no longer overnights. The system he "corrected" has been implemented in all of the other stores in town. As trainer for the Des Moines area, if there are any new hires, they have to work their first shifts in his store so he can train them. And 'lo and behold, he's been promoted again. He is now store manager at his store, too! Can you believe it?

I'm nervous, the first time something goes wrong I don't want him throwing in the towel... but so far, really awesome!

Oh, and he decided that it was really stupid having a work schedule that didn't correlate to the payweek... so he created a new schedule that allowed him to put down each employees hours AND also have them track their actuals.... AND, he added a signature spot so that the one sheet does the work of three from their existing system. The division manager made copies and passed them out to every store. Makes "A" happy which makes me happy.

Work is going well, we still have work to do, but it's much quieter, no need for overtime any more... although it's a bit tense. Everyone knows that there are possibilities of lay offs, but not a lot of talking about it, almost as if we can ignore it and it'll go away. I LOVE working for Stacy and Cecille, but I know Stacy's already been offered a chance to go somewhere else if something happens... I'd hate to have anything happen to our group. We all get along really well and it's so nice when you can find a group to work with that you can really feel comfortable with.

On the home front. I'm trying something new. This is the end of week one of my "FLYing Lessons"... Basically I found a web site that promises to teach you "cleaning" habits that will de-clutter and clean your house up AND keep it that way... that last part is what always gets me. I have no problem cleaning house, it's the fact that I think I try to over do it, get certain rooms completely spotless before moving onto the next target... and by the time I've reached, say, room 3, room 1 has started to get messy... by the time I'm done with room 3, room 1 is a disaster, so it feels like a never ending cycle. Then something happens, either I get sick, or fed up, or something... and I stop cleaning for a few days... and the entire house becomes a sty.

So, here we are, at the end of week one. Not one room is spotless... but then again, I'm starting with baby steps. According to the web site, your place didn't become a disaster overnight and you can't develop new habits overnight. They seem to have a lot of good, common sense advice and tactics. And it can't hurt. They tell you not to skip ahead or read ahead... which is a bit of a challenge, I must admit. But it's all good. Plus they are full of fun "silly" phrases, which I'm picking up quite fast in spite of myself.

So, progress? LOL - I have the shiniest sink I've ever seen! LOL... that's it... it's been seven days, and I can claim a really, really shiny sink! Why? Because Day 1's task was to "Shine the Sink"... end every day, they have you repeat the previous day task (although albeit, it's easy once it's already clean), and add one more habit. Other habits include reading their emails (hopeless ploy), laying out clothes for tomorrow, wearing your "lace up shoes" all day, etc. It's a free program, and it's not like I'm not trying to clean something everynight after work anyway... it's just that it feels silly to keep cleaning the sink when it's so clean already... when other items need attention to. I'm still trying to do other things and not ONLY what they direct, but, well, like I said, not a lot gained yet! So, clean, my house is NOT... but, I'm not giving up yet, as I am challenging myself to continue this program for three months. If I still don't have any gain, then, eh, what do I have to lose, except for the shine on my sink???? LOL

Now, so as not to overdo things... I'm waiting a couple weeks before exposing "a" to a brand new idea that's supposed to help with little kids keeping their rooms tidy and neat and picking up and putting away toys. I'm so excited. It's the house fairy... apparently Santa Claus has a sister, and she visits the homes of little ones to "inspect" their rooms. For $10 you get 20 'videos' for the little one to watch to start their "belief" where the house fairy introduces herself, teaches them how to pick up, etc. Free website to post pictures of "clean rooms", items to print out from the house fairy, and emails to help keep it going. THEN, if the house fairy pays a little visit and the room isn't super clean, then the only way you know she's been there, is she leaves a little fairy dust (craft glitter)... but, if she's pleased with how clean the room is, well, she likes to leave special treats as a reward (with the tell-tale fairy dust) so you know it's from her. Honestly, "a" does a really good job of cleaning up, when he's MADE to, which is quite an effort and a lot of cajoling or hollering behind it. Once he decides to clean up, he does it well, and with a smile. But, I HATE having to "MAKE" him do it, so, half the time I end up doing it myself. Terrible, I know... It's his room and now that he's getting older he should be able to pick up his toys! So, another week or two into the FLYing Routine and I'm going to introduce this program. The nice part isn't as much the bribing, as it is that it's not ME that's criticizing that his room isn't clean enough, it's the House Fairy... she's the "mean one"... not me. I know, my bad, but hey, I've been the big, bad, mean mommy for 19 years now.... I'm taking the short-cut that's probably going to burn me later and spoil my child. But, there are enough times I have to tell him no, I'd like to find a few times when I can teach lessons and not be mean about it or come off as being mean, anyway.

I'm posting another pic or two up on the knitting blog... I've got a finished baby blanket and another hat finished to go with one of the scarves. Most of these were Christmas presents, still have a few "extras" left over that I think I'll be either donating to Goodwill, or freecycle, or I'll save them till next winter and donate them then.

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