Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Late Christmas present number 2

Well, as I've already posted, "A" more than made up for missing several of the past Christmas presents, Birthday presents, etc... by buying me an hour or two of maid service a couple of weeks ago. This week came present number two.... a wireless network.

During November "a"s dad asked me if there was something that was on my list of items I'd like to get "a" but maybe thought it was too expensive or more than I wanted to spend, and he'd either get it for him or we could go in together on it. The minute he said that, all I could think (but thankfully kept from saying) was "mommy needs a new wireless network at home"! Routers aren't the most expensive things out there, but given I had a working wired network, and way too many expenses on my hand, plus outstanding debt, etc... etc... I couldn't justify spending the money on a router even though I dreamed of taking advantage of my wireless work laptop being wireless.

The router arrived today, and "A" and I struggled and struggled with it. We could get the laptop and his hard-wired pc to recognize the network and speak to each other, BUT, neither of us could access the internet. I was thinking there was some configuration number/address/password that I shouldn't have thrown away that I would need to get the modem to recognize the router, "A" was convinced it was a setting within the router that wasn't quite right. After he messed with it for about twenty minutes, I took over... reset everything back to default; then I went in and put the security back on it right away (would you believe there are a dozen wireless networks that I can find from my apartment?... not very strong, and smartly password protected, but wow... with that many wireless networks, I didn't want to leave ours without password protection for long)... then I spent a good thirty minutes waiting on hold for the help desk. During the wait, the aweful music would periodically get broken by a not-so-helpful voice asking us if we were having issues with internet connectivity and to reboot the modem. "A" was insisting that if they guy came on and told us to reboot that he was going to hang up the phone on me. But, techies that we both are, we didn't reboot the modem... guess what we needed to do to get it to work? reboot the modem - LOL! Guess we were just being too stubborn. Good news is that that's all it took.

I am now sitting at the far end of the apartment, sitting on the bed, cuddling with "a" before he finally crashes for the night... and blogging.... from my bed.... how cool is this???

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britchik96 said...

Brilliant - I love our wireless network. I'm so glad you have one - just remember, I expect to see more blogging now:)