Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Not having to wait until April

Well, "A" called in and found out that he doesn't have to wait until April. He basically called the county and found out that all he has to do is pay off his fines (which his boss is lending him the $1000 that will take), get his SR-22 (which he hasn't gotten the quote on), and pay $200 to get his license back and take the tests. He's hoping to have the license by Friday and go car shopping with me this weekend. He doesn't qualify at his bank, but that doesn't mean he can't get a loan at a dealership... he wants me to co-sign... the only thing he doesn't get is that even worse than no credit is really, really bad credit. I'm making payments on all my debts but because over five of my creditors each think they want a payment of around $500-$600 each every month, that's not working. Good news is that I've gotten my expenses down to a point where I can afford to pay $1600 a month towards my debt, bad news is thta about $1100 of that is currently going towards the creditor who decided to get a garnishment and the other $500 is going towards my car payment. I borrower a couple hundred dollars from Adam so I can make minimal payments to my other creditors, which only p*sses them off, but eh, I'm trying.

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